During magnetic storms is to minimize the load and stress – medic

Во время магнитных бурь стоит свести к минимуму нагрузки и стрессы - медик

In October 10 and number 19 will be especially dangerous for meteo-dependent people.

The correspondent of ГолосUA the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

Magnetic storms on the first level are also expected 10, October 19. 11, 18 and 20 October, people can experience the influence of magnetic disturbances.

“In the days of magnetic storms should reduce physical exertion,to abandon the country works, not carrying, not venturing General cleaning and so on. Training in the gym is better to replace for a few days morning exercises or Jogging, evening light walks in the Park, outdoor games with children.

Since a magnetic storm is a stress to the body, it is important to “kill” it with positive emotions. Because these days I recommend to avoid any unpleasant encounters and conversations (as possible), spend more time with friends, family or loved one,” said the doctor.

The doctor recommends that you schedule dangerous days so that as little as possible to spend time at a computer monitor, less likely to use a mobile phone – at least outside of work.

It is important to sleep well. Before sleep it is advisable not to watch TV, and read interesting book or listen to light music. Faster and stronger to get to sleep to help with bath foam and aromatic oils and sea salt, after which it should drink warm tea with lemon balm or mint and a spoon of honey.

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