Donald Tusk is worried not so much about Poland, but about his post – political scientist

Дональд Туск беспокоится не столько о Польше, сколько о своем посту - политолог

The statement of the head of the European Council Donald Tusk on the threat of withdrawal of Poland from the EU is a warning to the Polish authorities, as in the case of the deterioration of relations between Warsaw and Brussels for him, it is fraught with the loss of its own post.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said political analyst Daniel Bogatyrev.

“This statement of Donald Tusk should be seen as a threat to the Polish authorities, not the EU. Let me remind you that Tusk is a native of the Polish political elite, which later the ladder was moved into the European bureaucracy. Therefore, for any potential EU sanctions against Poland or the release of Poland from the EU or the lowering degree of the relations between Poland and the EU, is fraught with the loss of the post where he is now,” said the analyst.

D. Bogatyrev also noted that now in Poland the next stage of judicial reform, which is already long enough. But since its inception in Brussels reacted to it negatively, as it infringes on the rights of the opposition.

“The sanctions that the European Union promised to enter against Poland are different than those, for example, were imposed against Russia. In this case, we are talking about trade restrictions. But the customs Union and the free economic zone within the EU do not provide for direct trade restrictions within. And is regulated by the internal division of labor,” – explained the expert.

Also, the analyst said in the case of sanctions against Poland, both sides will suffer heavy losses. Although, of course, the loss of the Polish economy are much more significant. But, so far, from the EU we are talking only about threats, not about direct imposition of sanctions. In Europe it will only lead to higher prices and the disappearance of some commodities.

“For Poland the EU is practically a single export market. Before 2013, it exported some goods to Russia. But when Poland prisoedenilas to the anti-sanctions, many Polish products, for example, apples, meat, cheeses and so was fell under the ban of exports to Russia. Therefore, Poland remained the only European Union”, – concluded D. Bogatyrev.

Yesterday, October 6, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk said the risk of a release of Poland from the European Union in connection with the judicial reform.
According to Tusk, the intervention of the ruling party “law and justice” in the activities of the Polish judiciary could force Warsaw to withdraw from the European Union.
“The threat is very serious, deadly serious, Polexit possible,” he said and added that party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski initiates processes that can lead to the country’s exit from the EU.
Nicholas Zagorski

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