Doctor: obesity beets and carrots may aggravate the problem

Врач: при ожирении свекла и морковь могут усугубить проблему

The most useful root crops may pose a serious threat when you misuse

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

Beet is very useful in the diet, it contains huge amounts of vitamin C, folate, fiber, and even beets are rich in valuable antioxidants, which affectively prevent the growth of cancer cells.

“However, it is worth considering that a lot of beets oxalates salts of oxalic acid. That is, if you eat this root vegetable too often increases risk of development of kidney. And boiled beets, besides, a very high glycemic index – it provokes a sharp spike in blood sugar levels and then an equally rapid drop, resulting in an increased appetite. Because it’s not the best choice if you have problems with weight,” – said the expert.

The situation is similar with carrots. It contains valuable fiber, because carrots are recommended for those who have stomach problems. And in this root vegetable contains beta-carotene, which improves vision and rapid renewal of skin cells.

“But this is true only for fresh carrot, and cooked, it is figuratively formed sugar. That is, if the fresh carrot is only 30 calories for 100 grams, but cooked the useful components breaks down into simple sugars which are easily digested and instantly get into the blood and from there to the waist and hips,” stated the doctor.

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