Doctor: during the flu is to drink more alkaline mineral water

Врач: во время гриппа стоит пить больше щелочной минералки

The main rule of any sick with the flu – drink plenty of liquids and bed rest, as well as the exclusion from the diet of harmful and heavy meals.

The correspondent of ГолосUA the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

According to the specialist, to carry flu n feet is extremely dangerous, not to mention the fact that you yourself become a source of infection and can infect their friends or colleagues.

“Now comes an extremely dangerous time, as the number of cases of influenza is increasing every day, and even to epidporog in Kiev is still far, three Ukrainian region it has already passed. Because at the first sign of illness, you need to seek the advice of your doctor and stay home until complete recovery. First, in order to avoid the consequences of the disease, and secondly, so as not to infect others. Do not try to get a job at any price, it is unlikely that the boss will appreciate your efforts if you will go to bed with a temperature of half of the employees of the company and you, instead of 7-10 days, hold at a hospital for a few weeks,” warns the doctor.

The expert insists that specialist advice is required. To engage in independent action in influenza is impossible, because everyone knows that this disease is dangerous for its consequences, not the disease. A majority of patients who are prescribed a medicine, often “treating” only the symptoms.

“During his illness required a lot of hot drink, fruit juices, warm alkaline “mineral water”. Perfectly support the body and gently soothe the throat teas with sage, Echinacea, raspberries.

The patient should sleep in a separate room and less to communicate with their “home” that used to reduce the chances of their infection. The room in which is the diseased person, it is necessary to regularly ventilate, and its cups and plates rinsed with disinfectant.

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