Do not let yourself wither: 10 excellent refreshing means for face and body

Do not let yourself wither: 10 excellent refreshing means for face and body
Do not let yourself wither: 10 excellent refreshing means for face and body
A refreshing face spray with cactus, grape water, hydrating spray with hyaluronic acid, acid body for the body with the aroma of fruit candies, an ideal tonic spray for the aircraft and other means that you want to pour from head to foot in the heat.

Moisturizing spray Dream Cream, “Black Pearl” (250 rub.)

The spray will not only refresh itself in the summer heat, but also securely fix the makeup, moisturize (thanks to hyaluronic acid for it), while allowing the skin to breathe and adding a light glow. In fact, Dream Cream is a liquid cream in a 90-ml bottle, which is convenient to take with you. The agent is water, but not transparent, but is turbid white with unobtrusive cosmetic aroma. There is one but – the spray is quite abundant, that’s why it dries up not in a few minutes, as we would like.

Hyaluronic water Librederm (200 rub.)

The novelty of Librederm at its democratic price surprised the rich. Here you and the “omnipresent” hyaluronic acid (and low molecular weight), and extracts of blue algae (hence the marine aroma), and amino acids, and lipids, and proteins, and a whole set of vitamins (A1, B1, B2, B3), as well as mineral salts of copper and manganese.

But you will not find any preservatives in the composition – no parabens and synthetic perfumes, so be prepared for the fact that the remedy is only stored after autopsy for three months.

Acid Body Mist Fresh Body Mist, Chupa Chups (650 rub.)

We have already told you about the makeup novelties of the Korean brand Chupa Chups, it’s time to get acquainted with the skin care products. The choice of three versions: peach and musk, lemon and verbena and lavender and apple. In the composition – fruit AHA-acids (provide easy peeling), ceramides (moisturize the skin and strengthen its protective barrier), herbal complex (have a calming effect) and natural UV-filters. The fragrances of the products are juicy, sweet and powerful (in the battle with the perfume will definitely win a confident victory).

Tonic-spray “Peony”, L’Occitane (1 090 rub.)

The product without alcohol can be used at any time of the day or night: in the morning, before applying the base cream, or in the evening, to quickly bring the skin to life. The sprayer works properly, due to which the spraying turns out to be finely dispersed and you do not have to wet the residue with a napkin. Speaking solo, tonic spray well soothes the skin, removes light redness and moisturizes, and paired with cream from the same series also narrows the pores. Well, of course, can not but rejoice the divine aroma of the peony and the convenient miniature packaging (and you want to take it with you on a trip).

A refreshing and soothing tonic Remedy Toner, [Comfort.Zone] (2 772 rub.)

If you are bored with thermal water, the spray-tonic will be an excellent alternative. Remedy Toner – a real find for women with sensitive skin, which is prone to irritation and redness. Its formula is 98 percent of the ingredients of natural origin and does not contain silicones, which is especially nice (means the product does not clog pores and does not fall heavily).

The main components are prebiotics that strengthen the protective functions of the skin, plant extracts and anti-inflammatory oil of marula. Apply the product directly to the skin, and can be on a cotton pad and then gently spread over the face, avoiding the area under the eyes.

Revitalizing spray Eveil a la Mer, Thalgo (2 260 rub.)

As part of Eveil a la Mer – water, but not simple, but extracted in the heart of the Atlantic, near the famous Coast of pink granite in Brittany. It has 14 times more silicon, 12 times more manganese and eight times more zinc than conventional seawater. Minerals and powerful antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals, toxins and contaminants, and allantoin soothes it. When applied it seems that these are real splashes of sea water – refreshing and invigorating, only smelling not with salt, but with fragrant flowers.

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