“Divine”: Star “Dancing with the stars” got naked on camera (PHOTOS)

«Божественна»: Звезда «Танцев со звездами» обнажилась на камеру (ФОТО)

Ukrainian singer, ex-soloist of Nikita group and a former participant of the project “Dances with stars z” Anastasia Kumeyko, also known as Dj Nana, appeared before the fans in the network completely naked.

The actress showed hot the picture in his Instagram account, which shows no panties, covering her juicy body parts clear coat.

«Божественна»: Звезда «Танцев со звездами» обнажилась на камеру (ФОТО)

This girl is very strange and boldly signed the picture: “From the preparations for the winter I have prepared only fat”.

Fans Anastasia was thrilled with her photos, but at the same time protested to her, in the comments expressing an opinion about what Nasty slander on himself, but overall she looks beautiful and sexy.

We will remind, Anastasia Kumeyko (Nana Dj) participated in the project “Dances with stars z” paired with the famous restaurateur Nikolay Tishchenko. The pair left the show in fourth year, then losing to their rivals Sinichkino and Yana Ruslan Tsybulsky.

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