Discard them forever: TOP 5 ‘ bad ‘ foods

Откажитесь от них навсегда: ТОП-5 вредных продуктов

The TOP 5 harmful products, from which should be abandoned forever.

As writes portal med2, what we eat, affects not only the human figure but also on his health. Some products can harm the body, so they should be abandoned once and for all.

These 5 products do not recommend there to anyone.

Processed meat products

These include hot dogs, sausages, frozen burgers and other products. They all contain an incredibly large number of salt, which can raise cholesterol and cause heart disease and obesity.


Artificial fat is not the best product for the human body. Also in the margarine includes TRANS fats.


This product is the most malicious among all the sauces. To prepare homemade mayonnaise you only need oil, salt, spices, but in the store contain various additives. This product can be stored for years.


In cereals contain high amount of sugar and vegetable oil to enhance the taste. For Breakfast they don’t fit, and generally better to refuse them.

Low fat foods

Contrary to the belief that low-fat food should be eaten during the diet, they are not as safe for the body. Is fat manufacturers add flavor enhancers and chemical additives, which compensate for taste. Especially cottage cheese with 0% fat – no cheese, and a chemical compound.

Earlier, the nutritionist told me how to carry out “fasting days” on watermelons.

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