Diet and a little fitness: how to support the shape of Melania Trump

Diet and a little fitness: how to support the shape of Melania Trump
Diet and a little fitness: how to support the shape of Melania Trump

July 11 in Brussels, launched another NATO summit, which was visited by Donald and Melania Trump. Fans of the first lady of the US once again admired not only her style and ability to stay in public, but also a beautiful figure. SPLETNIK.RU has collected the main secrets of the diet and exercise of the first lady of the USA and now hurries to share them with you.


Melania Trump has long completed her modeling career, but her parameters have been consistently ideal for many years: with an increase of 180 centimeters, she weighs 56 kilograms. Celebrity, unlike many Hollywood stars, does not sit on rigid diets, eating for a whole day only a couple of leaves of lettuce. Melania believes that the main thing is to work out the right diet and try not to violate it.

Melania Trump

She always finds time for a healthy breakfast. Several years ago, in an interview with the men’s magazine GQ, the star confessed that she eats porridge rich in fiber in the morning, or a nutritious smoothie with a high content of vitamins and antioxidants from spinach, celery, carrots, blueberries and apples. For its preparation, it uses only fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, yogurt, apple and orange juices, olive oil and flax seeds.

For lunch at Trump most often fish or seafood with vegetables for a couple, and for dinner – a variety of green salads with a high fiber content.

Plus, since the days of her modeling career Melania has gotten into the habit of drinking a lot of clean water (we are not surprised) – about three liters to avoid dehydration. And this is regardless of whether she was doing sports today or not. Still in the list of favorite drinks Trump a green cocktail of wheat, mint, lemon and water. It speeds up the metabolism and helps to stay always toned.

The first lady of the United States never abuses fat and fried foods. It was this simple rule that helped her to quickly get in shape after the birth of Barron’s son in 2006.

More fruits, less vegetables

Melania every day eats at least seven pieces of fruit, by them it replaces other, more harmful desserts (arguing that it is better than harmful snacks and bars). According to research, this helps to significantly reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Beauty experts believe that this rule allows the first lady to save not only a tight figure, but also radiant skin (Botox does not count). Trump can be called a lover of fruit, but here she eats selective vegetables. For example, her diet contains no onions and artichokes.

I do not have a special favorite kind of snack. If I’m hungry, it’s usually a fruit or some chocolate. I think the body needs it, too. There is nothing wrong with pampering yourself from time to time – at least until you correctly associate such foods with healthy food. I would not say that I adhere to any diet. I just love healthy food, because I feel so energetic,
Said Mrs. Trump.

According to the old tradition, it is the first lady who follows the meals in the White House, controls the chefs and, like Michelle Obama, grows vegetables and herbs in the garden.

If the first lady is not interested in food, then the quality of food usually falls. Eleanor Roosevelt is a vivid example of this. With her food was so tasteless that many preferred to eat tightly before going to the reception at the White House,
– explained the Times one of the assistants of Bill Clinton and the author of culinary books Adrian Miller.

Small weaknesses

Looking at the slender figure of Melania, you might think that she limits herself in all things and certainly does not indulge in fast food (like her husband), but no! A real weakness Trump is a burger or roast chicken from the New York restaurant Jean Georges and a bottle of diet cola (of course, glass). Recently, during a visit to Texac, the star dared to suppress in the cept of the foodstuffs of fast food Whataburger, those photos then flew all over the Internet.

Melania Trump

I like ice cream and chocolate, sometimes I eat sweets. Eating high in carbohydrates brings joy, especially when balanced with the right foods. It does not matter if you eat something tasty from time to time, but only if the basis of your diet is useful food. Also I take vitamins A, C and E to keep the skin, hair and nails healthy,
– she said in one of the interviews.

A bit of sport and a healthy sleep

For several years the first lady has been actively engaged in tennis, swimming, pilates and yoga. But the main beauty-secret of Melania considers a healthy dream.
Of course, I have very little free time, but I try to sleep from six to seven hours a day to reload.
The appearance of a woman completely depends on what is going on in her soul, with her emotions and in what state her health is. My secrets are simple: I eat well, regularly go in for sports and rest,
She confessed.

Exactly what exercises Melania performs is unknown (this is for sure a state secret), but judging by the thin waist, elastic buttocks and embossed hands, the first lady does not focus on individual parts of the body, but studies all the zones, not only dealing with the scales, but also cardio.

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