Died legendary actor and Director of Soviet cinema (PHOTO)

Умер легендарный актер и режиссер советского кино (ФОТО)

The Soviet artist of Estonian origin Roman Baskin died 13 September due to a serious illness. Baskin known as an actor, writer, Director and theatrical producer.

On his death, says Estonian news outlet ERR.

“Many works in the past year, was planned long ahead, and I couldn’t just go to the hospital, I had to divide themselves between the hospital and the theatre,” said Baskin in a recent interview, was quoted.

Roman Baskin was born on 25 Dec 1954 in Tallinn in a family of actors: mother, actress ITA ever, the father of actor and Director Eino Baskin. From 1980 to 1992 worked as an actor and Director in the theater “Studio Old town”. With 1992 seemed to be “free artist”.

Starred in the films “Summer” (1976), “the joy of middle age” (1986), “My Lena” (1997), “the old lady’s Visit” (2006, also acted as a Director, screenwriter and producer), “the Idiot” (2011). Played the inspector in the film performance 1990 in the “Inspector”. Screen debut — drama 1957 Viktor Nevezhin (“Ruslan and Lyudmila” 38-year) “June days”.

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