“Dancing with the Stars” – 2018: how was the first release of the show

"Dancing with the Stars" - 2018: how was the first release of the show
“Dancing with the Stars” – 2018: how was the first release of the show
The new season of the show “Tantsi z zirkami” -2018 started on the parquet floor of which one of the most popular Ukrainian celebrities, among them People’s Artist of Ukraine Pavel Zibrov, TV presenter Masha Efrosinina, singer Zlata Ognevitch, presenter Lesya Nikityuk, fitness trainer and ex- the leading show “Zvazhenі ta schaslivi” Anita Lutsenko and many others.

The audience was waiting for a pleasant surprise, because Yuri Gorbunov this season as the leading company was Tina Karol, and behind the scenes of the participants met DZIDZIO. The immortal members of the jury were Dmitry Monatik, Ekaterina Kukhar and Vladislav Yama.

Before the performances, all the participants of the show presented the opening number, dancing under the soundtrack from the sensational musical “The Greatest Showman”.

Note that, according to the rules of the show, during the first broadcast all the pairs remain in the project.

The first participant of the show “Bachelor” Irakli Makatsariya was released to the parquet “Dance with zirkami” -2018. With his partner, Yana Zaets, superfinalist of the show “Dance All”, he performed a searing paso doble. From Dmitry Monapika the pair got 8 points, Ekaterina Kuhar estimated their performance at 6 points, and Vlad Yam – 7.

The next was Lesya Nikityuk, who performed modern dances. They spoke positively about the performance of Lesya Dmitry Monatik and Vladislav Yama, while Ekaterina Kukhar unexpectedly advised Nikityuk “to take a couple of etiquette lessons from Olga Freimut.” Jury estimates: Dmitry Monakit – 7, Ekaterina Kukhar – 6, Vlad Yam – 5.

Young singer Michel Andrade this season “lent” a dance partner Nadi Dorofeyeva and went to the floor with Zhenya Kot. Together they “lit” the parquet with a Latin American dance – bachata. From Monatik Michelle got 8 points, Ekaterina Kukhar – 6, Vlad Yam – 7.

Star fitness trainer Anita Lutsenko surprised by modern kontempom. The jury evaluated her performance as follows: Dmitry Monatik – 7, Ekaterina Kukhar – 5, Vladislav Yama – 6.

Earlier it was reported that instead of the soloist of the band NANANGELS Slava Kaminskaya on the floor comes her husband Edgar. However, during the “Dance with the Sisters” broadcast, it became clear that Slava will not perform today according to the rule of the show – any couple has the right to refuse to speak once. We note that Kaminskaya’s partner was the winner of the previous season Igor Kuzmenko, who danced in a pair with Natalya Mogilevskaya. we note that Igor not so long ago became a father.

Masha Efrosinina on the floor presented a passionate rumba. Jury estimates: Monatik – 8, Ekaterina Kukhar – 7, Vlad Yam – 6.

Legendary Pavel Zibrov surprised the audience by performing a touching waltz. This dance, according to the People’s Artist of Ukraine, he dedicated to his wife. The jury evaluated the dance as follows: Dmitry Monatik – 7, Ekaterina Kukhar – 5, Vlad Yam – 5.

Ukrainian boxer Denis Berinchik and his partner Ekaterina Beliavskaya selected Argentine tango for the first broadcast. Their performance was estimated by Dmitry Monatik in 7 points, Ekaterina Kukhar – 5, Vladislav Yama – 6.

And if last season the main humorist on the parquet was Yuri Tkach, then he was replaced by Igor Lastochkin, having performed a bright tea. By the way, Igor’s partner in the dance was Ilona Gvozdeva, who spoke last season with Yuri Tkach. The jury positively assessed the dance of Igor and Ilona, ​​placing them 7 points each.

Zlata Ognevich dipped everyone in the mysterious atmosphere of the east, performing on the parquet modernist song Sting Desert Rose. Estimations from the jury: Dmitry – 6, Catherine – 4, Vlad – 6.

The partner in the dances of restaurateur Nikolai Tishchenko was DJ NANA. Together they performed salsa. Jury estimates: Dmitry Monakit – 6, Ekaterina Kukhar 3, Vlad Yam – 4.

Oksana Marchenko aspired to be a participant of the show, not the host. In the new role she performed a gentle waltz on the dance floor “Dance with the sun.” Dmitry Monatik estimated her performance at 7 points, Ekaterina Kukhar and Vlad Yam were put on 6.

Actor Pavel Vishnyakov pleasantly surprised judges and all spectators by performing a passionate tango. Jury estimates: Dmitry Monaptic-8, Ekaterina Kukhar and Vlad Yam – 7 points each.

The star of the evening was leading Ruslan Senechkin, having performed an incendiary hip-hop. Ruslan admitted that during training he lost 11 kilograms. Note that the leader scored the highest score – 24.

A pleasant surprise at the end of the air was the performance of Tina Karol, who presented the number from her solo concert “Intonation”.

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