“Dance with that face like you know something”: the New video of the popular group called the barrage of negativity (VIDEO)

«Танцуй с таким лицом, как будто ты что-то знаешь»: Новый клип популярной группы вызвал шквал негатива (ВИДЕО)

Popular Ukrainian musical group the pierces have released a new track called Song of the face.

The song appeared on the official YouTube channel of the team.

The track appeared along with a small animated clip where a red car drives around the city with palm trees at the time when the sun goes down.

In the song lead singer of Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive singing about himself. The main line in the song was the phrase “dance with a face like you know something”. A few hours later the track gained almost 55 thousand views and 6.8 thousands of likes.

But the song got 1.2 thousand dislikes allowed and a lot of negative comments. Fans write that this is the worst track of the group and their songs are getting worse. One of the users called the song “very flawed” among the entire repertoire of the group.

Previously Nadia Dorofeeva radically changed my hair and became a brunette.

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