Dance Battle: Maxim Galkin vs. Dima Bilan

Dance Battle: Maxim Galkin vs. Dima Bilan
Dance Battle: Maxim Galkin vs. Dima Bilan
While everyone is discussing the bright victory of the Russian national team at the World Cup 2018, we decided to digress a bit from the football theme and tell you about what is happening in the life of Maxim Galkin and Dima Bilan. And there everything is very cheerful – if you judge by how dashingly the stars dance.

Seeing in the Instagram artists videos, in which they demonstrate incredible plasticity, grace and a sense of rhythm (or not), we simply could not pass by – and decided to share emotions with you, at the same time discussing what you saw and selecting the winner of a comic “battle”.

Armi Hammer, “Call me by your name”

First of all, Galkin. All in white, tanned, liberated, he made an unforgettable impression on us with his spectacular dance. The dance happened after the family holiday with the children and relatives: heated by daytime pas with Alla Pugacheva, Galkin gave a real master class on turning hips – with cheerful music from somewhere straight from zero and on the table, deftly balancing between glasses and plates.

Dima’s dance style is different, like music, he gave out his movements to the main hit of the summer, the song of the Monetochka “Every Time” – but, you must agree, there is something elusively common in the plasticity of the two artists.

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