Croatia coach Zlatko DLC: Such penalties in the world Cup final should not appoint – news ZIK.UA

Тренер збірної Хорватії Златко Даліч: Такі пенальті у фіналі ЧС не повинні призначати – новини ZIK.UA

Head coach of Croatia football Zlatko DLC shared his impressions after the final match of the 2018 world Cup against France (2:4).

“First, I congratulate France. They deservedly won the title. But the first 20 minutes, Croatia controlled the ball. And then there was an own goal after a standard… But after that Croatia continued to dominate.

I never comment on the work of the referee. But today I can not be silent. Such a penalty in the world Cup final should not appoint. It does not detract from the merits of France. But I am sure that 11-foot to put it simply it is impossible. When the VAR system works in your favor – then everything is fine. When you are dissatisfied. But I don’t want to criticize technology and arbitrator. I respect his. Just expressed their disappointment.

However, I am proud of the performance of the national team of Croatia. But against France we need to play accurately. Us after the score 1:2 is failed.

Now I just want to relax… the Last few months, we all worked hard. Although it was a thrill for all of us. Give me a break. The decision regarding my future come” – quoted by Zlatko Dalcha

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