Condemned for sexuality: the argument between Natalie Portman Jessica Simpson

Осудила за сексуальность: Как поссорились Натали Портман с Джессикой Симпсон

Hollywood actress Natalie Portman has condemned the singer Jessica Simpson for the candid photo shoot last participated in 1999.

About it report “Vesti”.

His dissatisfaction Portman said in an interview to USA Today.

The actress recalled how she first saw a magazine cover with the picture of the pop singer in a bathing suit.

“In adolescence, I got a cover with Jessica Simpson in a bikini and says “I’m a virgin”. Don’t know what I was trying to say the heroine of this shooting,” protested Portman.

In response to Jessica Simpson wrote her a post on his Instagram account.

“I was disappointed after reading this morning about how embarrassing photo in a bikini 1999, when I was still a virgin. We’re both public figures and can’t fully control their image, and the industry often determines our place — the beginning singer. — However, I was taught to be myself and to respect all ways of expression of other women. That is why I believe that being sexy and having sex are not one and the same.”

In the same publication she added that he had trained himself not to judge women, and encouraged Natalie Portman to follow suit. Natalie will listen to the Board Jessica, is still unknown.

Recall that Natalie Portman has called himself the victim of hundreds of harassment. Was also recently named “Miss bikini of the world-2018”.

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