Computer-criminal: Autopilot Tesla was running from the police when a drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel – news ZIK.UA

Комп’ютер-злочинець: Автопілот Tesla втікав від поліції, коли п’яний водій заснув за кермом – новини ZIK.UA

Autopilot Tesla Model S within seven minutes and 11 km away from a police chase at speeds exceeding 100 km /h. When the California police still stopped the cart, he discovered that the driver was drunk and fell asleep at the wheel.

California police noticed a car that was going faster than allowed. They signaled to him and shouted to stop. However, the car continued to drive fast. To stop Tesla Model S, one of the police cars had to overtake the offender and to slow down. The computer then assessed the situation and stopped the car, not to get into an accident. The car belongs to a member of the city planning Commission Los Altos Alexander Cameco. He was deprived of driving license for drunken driving, reports Ars Technica.

How the car managed to drive over 11 miles with a sleeping driver behind the wheel? The most obvious answer is that the Model S was enabled autopilot mode.

“It is good that this technology exists, but we need to remind people, even in the case when available to them such technology, they must understand that they are responsible for the control of the vehicle,” the police said, commenting on the incident.

In this case, the situation becomes even more interesting, because the Tesla autopilot is able to track when the driver suddenly threw the steering wheel, then the car should gradually slow down and after a few minutes to stop on the roadside. However, as expected, a drunk driver asleep behind the wheel, so the car continued to move on autopilot at the specified rate until it forcibly supinely police.

Tesla Model S is a five – door electric car produced by the American company Tesla Motors.

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