Coach VC “Dinamo” Alexey Shvedov: the fact of participation in the Champions League is a huge positive news ZIK.UA

Тренер ВК «Динамо» Олексій Шведов: Сам факт участі у Лізі Чемпіонів – це вже для нас величезний позитив – новини ZIK.UA

Acting head coach of the Lviv water Polo club “Dynamo” Alexei Swedes shared their impressions of participation of the team in the Champions League season 18/19.

The current champion of Ukraine Lviv club “Dinamo”, which in the following, 2019 will mark the 70th anniversary of the creation of the team this season after a twenty-year pause, came back on evroarene. From 13 to 16 September, “white-blue” were participants in the tournament of group “A” in the first qualifying round of Champions League water Polo season 18/19 matches which took the aquatic Playground of pool “Olympic”, the Romanian city Brasov. We will remind, opponents of the Lviv club was the fourth team of Italy BPM Sport Management (Busto Arsizio), silver medalist of the championship of France Pays d’aix Natation (AIX-EN-Provence), defending Champions Georgia and Turkey – Istanbul Enka Sport and VK “Tbilisi”, respectively, and is also the host of the tournament, bronze medalist of the championship of Romania Sportul Studentesc Corona Brasov. To qualify for the next round, the Dynamo had the matches in one round to take a place not below the fourth. Unfortunately, to complete the task our WaterMaster failed writes

After returning to Lviv (in the night from Sunday to Monday), the Dynamo got two days off, starting Wednesday, September 19, has resumed training in preparation for the match for the Ukrainian super Cup-2018. The trophy for the third time in a row will fight the two strongest teams of the domestic water Polo in recent years – the current champion of super League of Lviv “Dynamo” and the winner of the Cup of Ukraine national team of the Kharkov region. The game will take place on Saturday, October 6, in the capital of Slobozhanshchina.

Training “blue and white” are carried out in the pool SKA. At the end of classes in the third day of training the coach of our team Alexey Shvedov, answered questions of the press service of the VC “Dinamo”. We talked about the upcoming super bowl and the start of the new super League championship, but the lion’s share of the conversation was devoted to games of the team in the Champions League in Brasov.

Тренер ВК «Динамо» Олексій Шведов: Сам факт участі у Лізі Чемпіонів – це вже для нас величезний позитив – новини ZIK.UA

Before us was set a specific task – to reach the second qualifying round of the Champions League. To perform it, unfortunately, we failed – started the conversation Alexey Vladimirovich. – Based on the result, and it is known to be important in sports, the General impression from the participation of “Dinamo” in the tournament in Brasov, negative. Of course, we hoped and believed that we would get into the top four, however, for a number of objective and subjective factors, did not come… However, the popular proverb, every stick has two ends. Also, every things negative moments and positive.

– What positive you are as a coach, I can say in the performance of his players in Champions League matches?

– Actually about the game we’ll talk later, but for now I want to talk about something else, namely that “the Dynamo” exactly two decades to participate in official competitions of continental level. So I think that the mere fact that we played in the European Cup tournament and also in the most prestigious competition – the Champions League, this is a huge positive. Not only for Dynamo, for the Lviv sport, but also for the whole water Polo all over Ukraine. Will also take the liberty to say that although we have not reached a positive result, but a failure of our performance can not be called. This is confirmed by the fact that many who are both of the coaches of our opponents and the referees and functionaries of the European community water sports, attended the games, would come up to us and said that they have discovered Ukrainian water field. It does not hide the fact that Frank considered us outsiders, that all of the opposing teams will receive, as they say, a full shopping bag of balls and lose all his matches with devastating scores. I also think we played very well and gained invaluable experience. I am convinced that these five games gave Dynamo more than a few seasons of super League put together. It is also important that we clearly showed Europe that Ukraine water Polo is alive and it is not in its infancy. Yes, even to a good average European level we do not hold, but the potential we have. And you need to constantly play in Europe – both in official competitions and friendly tournaments. So now the main thing is to make right conclusions and move on. But if our next performance in the Europa League will be again in twenty years, then it can be said that all the efforts and funds that we and the club has spent for participation in the Champions League, went down the drain.

Let’s move on to reasons that are not allowed “Dynamo” to get to the second qualifying round of the Champions League?

– I am convinced that one of the main reasons is the fact that we’ve not played in European competition. Understand to achieve any results in the official competition on a continental level, you must be in Europe. We have no authority on the continent because about Ukraine as about waterpolo state, nobody knows anything. It is not surprising, because we have almost no major international tournaments do not hold, have never been involved. At best, savinosa at the European championship, qualification will quickly lose all… what to say, when our national team all of last season played five matches and two of them against Czech Republic and Lithuania, where water Polo is even worse than ours. Therefore returning to the Champions League, eloquent is the fact that we all five matches played in the blue caps, that is, we perceive underdogma in each of the matches with our participation, even with VC “Tbilisi”. Yes, and the judge treated accordingly. So happened that in the last decisive game with the Turks we disallowed two clean goals from free throw, scored Srdjan Antonvs. And we lost 8:9… Experience and credibility is incredibly important factors to achieve high results, and they purchased over the years.

– So, when evaluating the level of team play Dynamo, you will put his players a rating of at least “satisfactory”?

“Satisfactory” could be put, if we took place no lower than fourth and would now be preparing for the match for the Ukrainian super Cup and the second qualifying round of the Champions League. Anyway, the coach always has a claim as the team as a whole and each player in particular. Even when the team wins a serious official tournament, and in our case, and even more so – we have not fulfilled even a problem at least.

– Managed to implement the whole plan of preparation for the Champions League?

– In principle, Yes, but we lacked match practice and teamwork. We laid a good Foundation of preparedness, under the League Champions have strengthened the squad with experienced players from Croatia who have a lot of matches in the Champions League and other European tournaments. Moved to “Dynamo” and a few leading players of the national team of Ukraine. I think our team is quite efficient and he just had to complete the task. But said the lack of teamwork. Three Croats with us enough time practicing only Marco Martn. But the above Srdjan Antonvs and Jure Marella arrived to Lviv on the eve of the Open Cup of Lviv, which we played without Dynamo any workout. Of course, we expected that during the tournament games they will be able more or less to establish rapport with new partners. Yet they are players of very high class and have lots of experience – is, according to our calculations, had to help them as quickly as possible to find a common language with new partners. However, the level of competition was low, and when you feel serious resistance, to achieve under such conditions is unrealistic.

– So why did the organizers of the Open Cup of Lviv are invited stronger teams from abroad?

And we are back to the prestige of Ukraine as waterpolo state. Because previously we had agreement with the coaches of the teams from Serbia and Slovenia. Kind of gave the nod to part and French. But when we started talking directly with their leaders and presidents of clubs, they just said ‘ do not benefit from participation in matches against Ukrainian teams. I hope that now, when we saw in the Champions League, their attitude to the Ukrainian water Polo change for the better for us. Well, back to preparing for the Champions League, it turned out that after the Open Cup of Lviv we had only two days to practice at home – 10-th and 11-th of September. And in the night of the 12th we went to Brasov.

– How do you evaluate performance of Croats in Brasov – they lived up to their expectations?

– In the dedication and desire I can’t deny. However, inadequate teamwork with other players, the Croats are very often tried to figure out for three – to decide the fate of an episode in the attack on their own. Of course, the opponents have seen it, and thus, our variation in attack decreased, and this could not affect the results. We were hoping that the first Champions League qualification will be able to go through best personnel staffing our team with more high performing individual skill of our players. And the second qualification we will have more time to build teamwork and understanding between players and Ukrainians. That is, we expected that the team will progress.

– Even later for the Croats, just before the games in Brasov, to the “Dynamo” joined the Kharkov Nikita Apostle who did not pass training. Now, when the Champions League matches behind, think it justified the invitation to join the team at such an important tournament?

– Frankly, Nikita nothing particularly incredible for the team in Brasov did not, but we can not say that I played a failure. So, he was not ready functionally, especially since the requirements for Champions League matches a few others, to put it mildly, than the fights in the super League. In particular, in one of the matches we released him in the starting six after the first period it was no longer help the team… We counted that the Apostle will help us, because he’s a Lefty and has a good shot at the second line. However, he did not always toe the line somehow, he was drawn to attack on that position where he would have to act. Yes, he scored some nice goals, but I am convinced that it must be much more.

– Dynamo played another Kharkov – defender Alexander Abramov…

– Unlike the Apostle, Abramov with us passed all summer camp and this has a positive impact on his interactions with the partners – he “got used” to the game command, and in principle do not fall out of collective action. Alexander also scored a few good goals, but it was in his game and a lot of mistakes. The same applies to our second post of Vladimir Voitenko, who in this position changed Jure Morel. Play post modern water Polo is incredibly difficult. However, Voitenko had a lot of good moments, but not always, he managed to embody them in goals.

– During matches you used all the field players, but the impression that less playing time had an affair with Grischuk.

– Let’s start with the fact that the novel is the youngest player among those who played in the Champions League. Yes, there was another 17-year-old Maxim Osyka and Kostya Alekseev, but they took part only in one match, so I now both of them are not taken into account. Now to your question: the novel plays as a Central defender, and we in this position also act Abramov and Mativ. They are older, and more experienced. However, the novel is able better to choose a position. I believe that Grischuk overall in the team the most “light” head in terms of the water Polo intelligence. He better understands the game, knows how to read it, which helps him make the most correct and appropriate decisions in the particular game episode. And he has a very serious drawback – it weighs only 76 kg And effectively counteract on a serious level against modern poles with this body weight – it is hopeless because it will just be all the time to push. Therefore, the Novel should be to build muscle, improve swimming training and power of their shots. I am sure that with proper work, he has a good future because the potential is very serous.

In modern water Polo, like other team sports, a goalkeeper is half the battle, maybe more.

– Konstantin Nikolsky in General defended well in the frame. However, unfortunately, in the decisive game against tuks, he spent almost his worst match out of those four, which stood in the frame. In particular, missed three ball into the near corner from the same player – 12-th number Alkn. I think it has affected two factors. The first is psychological pressure because of the responsibility for the result. And experience of similar matches from St. Nicholas very, very little. Second – before the game he felt a little sick. That’s why the game with the French, we in the final quarter put the gate in Nestor Babsky, who played the whole match with the Italians. However, high stability and reliability it is no different. However, what may be a claim to 18-year-old boys? The question is rather rhetorical.

Now let’s talk about your competition in Brasov. Apparently, head and shoulders above the others was the Italian club BPM Sport Management?

– Yes, definitely. The impression was that the Italians and the rest of the team played water Polo. Not to be unfounded, I will say that the French, who eventually became the second, they are on the equator of the game after the second period, won 7:0! And with other teams they played the first half with the core team did a solid stock, and after a long break released reservists.

– However, you are in the first period with them played 2:2 and even conducted in the account 2:1.

– I think there was an underestimation of the Italians in our team. Though I must pay tribute to my players who acted competently and without unnecessary worries.

– What changed in the second quarter, which Dynamo lost 1:9?

– This is where we felt that BPM Sport Management playing more water Polo than we are. The Italians began to use team pressing and turned on maximum speed. But the benefits of such matches is very big – guys in their own skin to feel what a real modern team pressing and clearly saw how it should be done. The Italians in the truest sense of the word did not allow us to breathe and made us actually forget about any offensive action.

– With the French and Romanians was clinging to points?

– Of course. The French, however, looked a little better, but if not the error Martna late in the third period when we could implement the majority and make the score 7:8, what happened was that they conceded and became 6:9, who knows what could have happened. And with the Romanians, we played in the first game of the day, when still not recovered from heavy road. And the game started with the fact that for 2 minutes, failed to convert a penalty and then conceded two goals. But we played with the “Crown” of the team one level, I am convinced one hundred percent.

– The game VK “Tbilisi” you started with the fact that burning 0:2.

– It so happened that we all missed the first game, and three times lost 0:2. But the Georgians we were able to “eat” the match. To be fair, it should be said that Tbilisi residents were lost to all opponents. But that’s not surprising – they have very young team and in first place, they lacked functional strength. However, all their players are well trained in tactical and technical terms. And the experience they lack – they regularly play in various international competitions. Besides all of their coaches for many years played in European Championships and have something to tell and show your plonk. I think in the Georgian players have a good future and the Georgian national team in the future, at least regular will play in the final of the European Championships in different age categories.

– Up to the decisive match with Enka Sport was a lot of talk that Dynamo must win the champion of Turkey. There was, however, not as was thought.

– I am now convinced that we are stronger for the team from Istanbul and if we with them played, for example, a series of five matches, it would benefit them to four. But what to say now when the most important for both teams, the game is lost we. About judges, I have said, as well as against three goals Alky into the near corner. In Enka Sport there are two obvious leaders – Montenegrin Damir Buric, who leads the game and has a powerful throw and a Greek pillar, Christodoulos Colombo. Last we fully neutralized: if in the previous games, he scored four or five goals, then we left the area “dry”. And Burich we scored only twice. It seemed that the main task in defence we have done. And it turned out we were not prepared for the fact that the game will take on Turkish players…

– When you play equal teams, the decisive factor is the realization of the majority. In the same game was in this respect a paradoxical situation: we have implemented three out of ten attempts and scored from the penalty spot; the Turks all of their goals had with the game five times we played in the minority and a single goal conceded.

– It happens in water Polo, not often. We actually defended very well in the minority, but unfortunately, made a lot of mistakes when playing in equal structures, and here it is necessary to understand properly. And with the realization we had not all right, because 30 percent is not a figure that can be satisfied. For example, in the game with VC “Tbilisi” we had 55 percent of the implementation. It is necessary to aspire to this, and even higher was the rate of implementation in each game. Then we will win much more often.

– Champions League for Dynamo this season is already passed stage. Ahead Of The Super Bowl.

Yes. That is why after returning home, we allowed players to rest for two days, and already from Wednesday train in the pool SKA. Ready to play October 6 for the super Cup against the team of the Kharkiv region. The intrigue in our fundamental confrontation takes place always, and then there’s the opponent the head coach was replaced. Also let’s not forget that we have to play on another platform, and then from Kharkiv to support. However, we adjusted only on a victory. Next year marks 70 years since the creation of our team “Dynamo”. So we want to celebrate the anniversary, we aim to win the super Cup and the championship of the Superleague and the Cup of Ukraine.

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