Coach of Ukraine U-21 head: Scotland will be playing as Italy with Ukraine – news ZIK.UA

Тренер збірної України U-21 Головко: Шотландія буде грати, як Італія з Україною – новини ZIK.UA

The head coach of the youth national team of Ukraine on football Aleksandr Golovko at a press conference in Kiev before today’s game selection Euro 2019 (U-21) vs Scotland spoke about the state of the team.

– Alexander Borisovich, what mood the youth team preparing for the match against Scotland?

– A good, fighting mood. I hope that luck will be on our side.

– How to evaluate shape guys?

– Of course, they are not absolute because not all the players have match practice in their clubs, it does not happen. But for them and for us the main thing is trust, we’ve been together this way, when the children were 15 years old.

– In the youth national team has arrived Andrey Lunin. You are counting on his help?

– If arrived, then a strong likelihood that he will play. We have to match, the first team in Italy discussed this option and are pleased that Andrei Lunin joined our team.

– Viktor Kovalenko at this stage is more useful for the youth team?

– Yes, it is the decision of the head coach of the national team. We all work with an eye to the main team. We understand that mentally it is a step back, but at this stage Andriy Shevchenko has decided that Viktor would be useful for youth. We took advantage of this and invited him to join us.

– Ukraine is the favorite in the match against Scotland?

– Before the game may favorite. Primarily because we play at home. But we play against a strong team. Two members of team Scotland pose in the Premier League that play in the major squads. But only game will show, who the favorite in the field.

– All players ready for the match? State Lukyanchuk and Luchkevych?

– Before the game we held only two training sessions. To understand the status of children difficult. But they step up the competition, come to the national team. There were questions about Rusin. He had problems with his back, four days not practiced. We called Huculak, but he’s got a concussion, and he will do us no help. We have 21 outfield player. I hope this will be enough to solve the tasks.

– Wait for the support of the 12th player?

– Without the fans football is not football. One hundred percent support is important to us. Rival complicated, angry, prickly and trained. Tomorrow will be emotional and stuff. But the support will be the key.

Which is now the state Vakulko?

– Already better than a month ago. This is typical of young players. When they go abroad, you need to be the best for local kids. When it fails, they return and need to prove their worth here. Now he’s in the “Arsenal-Kiev” the situation is better than before.

– How do you assess the potential of this youth team?

– Always appreciated. We train players as managers, try implementing yourself. The potential is there. When I was in the hospital with our military, some of them watched the football stars. There are guys who know. It is hoped that they can realize themselves to the full.

Six points in two upcoming matches is a miracle or reality?

– Don’t want to talk about a miracle. We are always focused on the maximum result. Agreed with the guys that go from game to game. We – a single whole.

– It was possible to strengthen the team such players as, for example, Suprega, Isaenko?

Now our two teams, Popov and yezerskyi, went to the qualifying matches of Euro. These games are the priority. Better to play there than here can not play with any reasons.

We have two more important games ahead. We need to distribute the force to win tomorrow, but leave the strength for the match with Holland, because then it will be a difficult move and a game on the road.

– Have you watched the team match of the national team against the Italians?

Yes. In the morning, discussed it with the team. Watched out of the defence of Italy. I am sure that in Kiev will act Scotland. Obviously there will be a lot of dynamic combat.

Recall that the match between Ukraine (U-21) and Scotland (U-21) will be held today, October 12, at the stadium “Obolon arena” in Kyiv and will start at 19:00. The match qualifying round of Euro-2019 (U-21) between the youth national teams of Ukraine and Scotland will judge the Swedish team of arbitrators, headed by 36-year-old Bojan Handicam. Live game show channel “Football 1”.

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