Coach of the Vorskla Basil Sachko: the Opponent made us make mistakes – news ZIK.UA

Тренер «Ворскли» Василь Сачко: Суперник змусив нас помилитися – новини ZIK.UA

The head coach of the Vorskla Basil Sachko commented on the defeat of his team in the match of the fourth round of a group round of League of Europe with Azerbaijan’s Qarabag (0:1).

“The players Karabakh adapted quicker to the slippery and quick the field. Their maneuvers we knew, and although they are more technical, but the moments they did not create. We created them ourselves.

There was a lot of marriage, we were inferior in speed, in heels. In the second half we tried, but the efforts were not enough. The moments were few, and to score we failed.

Those foreigners whom we invited came to us already during the championship, even meetings are not held. They have to add. But no concessions or, on the contrary, immunity to no one. Depends on foreign players, as they’ll take my chances. We saw above what we work.

The opponent made us make mistakes. The rival competently controlled the game after scoring a goal. We are in the second half we made adjustments, but to change the game failed.

Task at the beginning of the match? To be compact, to be extremely attentive, actively to press. It didn’t work out. The opponents were faster and did not allow us to do so. We lost because of our blunders. Karabakh in the first half played harder, but we have our chances. Yes, it was a draw. But Karabakh is well defended after the goal.

So for every game we set up guys to ensure that they have more shot on target. But the slippery field and the game did not allow us to do that. They wisely sat on their half of the field. But there are the level of players. As for commitment, no questions, but technical skill…

What caused the decision to put Arthur? I do not think that his error is related to a recent injury. We wanted to control the ball more, as he is more technical. In addition, he’s a Lefty and we needed the crosses,” quoted Vasyl Sachko

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