Chloe Moret meets with Dylan O’Brien

Chloe Moret meets with Dylan O'Brien
Chloe Moret meets with Dylan O’Brien
21-year-old star of the film “Pipets” Chloe Moret was not long in sorrow because of parting with her boyfriend, 19-year-old Brooklyn Beckham. They met at the Fashion Week in Paris in 2014, and since then they have converged or disagreed. But in April of this year it became known about the betrayal of Brooklyn with the Playboy model Lexi Wood. Chloe could not forgive him for this, and the couple broke up. It seems that now the actress is ready to move on.

The other day the paparazzi photographed a girl in the company of 26-year-old actor Dylan O’Brien, known for his roles in the film “Running in the maze” and the series “Wolf”. Together, they had a romantic evening in one of the districts of Hollywood.

The actors tried to stay unnoticed when they left The Nice Guy together, but the photographers caught them right next to the car. The couple went to the elite restaurant Beauty & Essex, where she spent the rest of the night.

Now some Western publications say that Chloe and Dylan are in a romantic relationship, but the stars themselves have not commented on the situation so far.

It’s interesting that in 2011, in an interview for the Hollywire publication on the question of which star he likes, Dylan called Chloe. A little later he gave up his words when he realized that at that moment the actress was a minor.

In addition, at that time Dylan met with 28-year-old Britt Robertson, whom they met on the set of the film “For the first time.” Nevertheless, in the last year the couple almost did not appear in public together, which gave reason to the fans to think that they broke up.

Currently, Moret is engaged in the promotion of her new film “Wrong education of Cameron Post,” in which she played the main character. This story is about a girl who went to compulsory treatment for homosexuality. The film was already shown this spring at the Sundance festival, but there is no information about when it will appear in the Russian box office.

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