China first introduced the artificial intelligence in the image of the leading news program (PHOTO, VIDEO)

В Китае впервые представили искусственный интеллект в образе ведущего программы новостей (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

Chinese news Agency Xinhua at the world Internet conference held in Wuzhen city, for the first time presented to the public a video in which artificial intelligence reads the news in the way men lead.

The video can be viewed on Yotube-channel New China TV.

“Welcome all of you! I English lead-artificial intelligence. This is my very first day at Xinhua news Agency,” – says in English, “leading” the video.

The image of a “lead” is presented holistically, with voice, facial expressions and actions of a real person.

Moreover, Xinhua said that the artificial intelligence in the form of “master” learns to live, and could read the texts as naturally as a professional broadcaster.

Also, earlier in the corporate blog, Facebook reported that the company is working on a way to check the authenticity of photos and videos that users upload in order to combat misinformation.

The text also States that photos and videos of users of social networks will check the authenticity of the world’s largest news agencies such as AP and AFP.

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