Charlie Sheen can no longer pay alimony

Charlie Sheen can no longer pay alimony
Charlie Sheen can no longer pay alimony
52-year-old Charlie Sheen is best known for his busy life. He was married three times, and from two of these marriages he had four children. The actor has two daughters, 13-year-old Lola and 14-year-old Sam from Denise Richards, as well as 9-year-old Sam and Bob, who appeared from a three-year marriage with actress Brooke Muller. Alas, Shin can not support children: the other day he said that he does not have enough funds not only for alimony, but also to pay taxes.

Earlier it became known about its unpaid taxes for 2015, the amount of which was about five million dollars. Now there was a document according to which the actor is in a serious financial crisis, and his bills for the maintenance of the pool and garden are marked as overdue. He himself explains this by the fact that he can not find a stable job.

Interestingly, back in 2010 Charlie Sheen was on the list of the highest paid actors: his fee for one episode of the series “Two and a half people” was 1.8 million dollars. The money that he received for the shooting, most likely, went to pay for escort services and parties, which Shin constantly arranged at home. But in 2011 he got into a rehabilitation center, and two months later he was fired from the series, replacing Ashton Kutcher.

Among other things, three years ago, Charlie Sheen made an official statement, saying that he is HIV-positive. The actor for a long time hid this information and even paid $ 10 million to blackmailers who threatened to make his diagnosis public. But in the end, the actor acknowledged this fact and took part in the shooting of advertising contraceptives.

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