Changing the rules of the electricity will lead to its price increase – expert

Изменение правил оплаты электроэнергии приведет к ее подорожанию – эксперт

Changing the rules of the electricity will lead to its rise in price.

This commentary, ГолосUA said the expert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky.

“In Ukraine for implementation of the law on electricity market, consumers will enter into the contract on supply and distribution. The situation is the same as with the gas companies. That is, the enterprises fall into two components. For a company that supplies electricity and the company that it tranzitiruet. The idea of electricity bills will be divided. Separated for electricity, as a commodity, and a separate company, which it tranzitiruet. Whether there will be razbavlenie bills since 1 January, hard to say yet,” – said V. Zemlyansky.

According to him, changing the rules of payment of electricity may lead to its rise in price.

“Whether this will lead to a rise in price of electricity? Most likely, Yes. Any model of modernization in the market suggests growth rates. The company does not have other sources of income in addition to money consumers to carry out their activities. How much interest can rise electricity, is hard to say,” said V. Zemlyansky.

We will remind, in Ukraine since 1 January 2019 electricity consumers will enter into contracts on its delivery and distribution. About this on his page in Facebook said the head of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities (NKREKU), Oksana Krivenko.

According to her, the new model of contractual relationships in the retail market of electrical energy dictated by the law “On electricity market”, and the procedure for the conclusion of the relevant treaties is defined by the national Commission decree No. 312 of March 14 this year.

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