Changes to the Constitution, the renewal of the CEC, the agenda: paruby told about the plans of the Rada for the current week

Изменения в Конституцию, обновление состава ЦИК, повестка дня: Парубий рассказал о планах Рады на текущую неделю

Thursday, September 20, Rada will consider amendments to the Constitution, in particular the vector of NATO and the removal of parliamentary immunity, the renewal of the composition of the CEC and the agenda for the session.

This was during a conciliation Board said the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy, reports the correspondent of ГолосUA.

“Start with Tuesday, and with major issues this week. I think that this week we have the opportunity to spend the bills providing for amendments to the Constitution. The most important of them is the definition of strategic directions of development of Ukraine in North Atlantic Alliance, which include the corresponding vote and the direction of the constitutional court. We have had preliminary consultations, in fact most factions have given their agreement that the constitutionally of this provision is important for our state. The inclusion in the Constitution gives the irreversibility and solidity of the foreign policy vector of Ukraine”, – said the speaker of the Parliament.

According to A. Parubiya, it is also important that it is necessary to consider other changes to the Constitution, among them two views regarding the immunity.

“I believe that on Thursday we can consider the adoption of a resolution of the relevant Committee. Next: we have not finished decommunization. There are two region, which has the old name. We are talking about the Dnepropetrovsk and Kirovograd regions. Already all the procedures were, and I believe that our Parliament, which began and performed the documentation, I have to finish it in the Constitution. Because it cannot be done simply by amending the laws, but only by amending the Constitution, because it lists the names of regions. This process we can also start this Thursday. In addition, we are making changes to the Constitution at the farm. This will enable us to make a change to the Constitution. But I am convinced that this Thursday we have to renew the composition of the CEC. I carried out a meeting, we exchanged ideas and agreed that all factions of Parliament before the end of the day on their factions would agree on this issue, to the final formation of the agenda of the session, given the position of all the factions, and we have seen that we included in this week’s issue of the CEC. My position is unchanged that the CEC must be updated as soon as possible. It is important to make it happen this Thursday, not pulling. In addition, I remind you that this plenary week, we shall approve the agenda for the session. Friday and even Thursday in the afternoon, the unit has collected all proposals from the committees and gave the General plan for the session. I appealed on Thursday to all factions and committees, to best reviewed and gave their suggestions and edits. However, the first unit offered a second reading (this is not a separate unit, and some laws) some of which are very important. Such as transparency in the extractive industries. Such as strengthening social protection of certain categories of persons from among victims of Nazi persecution and political repression. As well as the questions of the first reading, including questions of safety on the roads. Let me remind you that on 20 September, BP will be the President Poroshenko’s message to Parliament concerning the internal and external state of Ukraine”, – he said.

Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will deliver his annual address in the Parliament on 20 September and is expected to consider a number of important issues. This was stated in the Ukrainian TV channel the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada, people’s Deputy from BPP Irina Lutsenko. According to her, next Thursday will be busy – it is expected that not only the President, but the consideration of important questions by the deputies.
“We plan for next week is very active Thursday. We expect and will listen to the message of the President. We planned vote on amendments to the Constitution regarding foreign policy, EU-NATO, as well as voting for the resolution Committee about the order of consideration of the reservations of the constitutional court on immunity, in order to continue this process,” – said Lutsenko added that the expected consideration of the renewal of the composition of the CEC.

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