Centennial law: Nine-year-old American has made the lifting of the ban on playing in the snow – news ZIK.UA

Сторічний закон: Дев’ятирічний американець добився зняття заборони на гру в сніжки – новини ZIK.UA

In the American city of Severance, Colorado, officially almost a hundred years has been banned for playing in the snow. Now it was canceled due to the nine-year old boy named Dane the best.

In October 2018 the best along with his other classmates went on a tour to the town hall. The mayor began to tell the students about the strange laws that are still in town. He remembered and the resolution from 1920 according to which Severance not to throw stones and other projectiles at people, animals, trees, buildings and vehicles, writes glavcom.

Snowballs are technically fit under the definition of throwing a projectile, however, the authorities never insisted on the implementation of the ban. Moreover, the mayor Severance didn’t even know how to punish violators (they were, for example, his sons).

Dane best decided to rectify the situation. The boy gathered two dozen signatures of classmates for their support and prepared a five minute presentation in which he explained in detail why the power of the city should lift the ban. He called the law outdated and said that the children who live in Severance, like children the rest of the world should be able to throw snowballs. The city Council supported the proposal best, and the mayor gave the student a special device – Nikola.

After the lifting of the ban best promised that in the first place will throw a snowball at his four year old brother.

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