Castle from the “Game of Thrones” sell for 656 thousand dollars

Castle from the "Game of Thrones" sell for 656 thousand dollars
Castle from the “Game of Thrones” sell for 656 thousand dollars
It has become known that Gosford Castle in Northern Ireland is for sale and its value is less than a million dollars: wealthy fans of the “Game of Thrones” series can buy the family nest Caitlin Stark and the house of the Tally family “only” for 656 thousand dollars.

Built in the XIX century by the order of Archibald Acheson, Earl of Gosford, the castle belonged to his descendants until 1921. During the Second World War, soldiers and servicemen of different ranks lived here, and then in 1983 a grandiose building was used as a hotel. The forest area around the castle was officially recognized as a reserve under the protection of public services of Ireland.

In 2006, the castle was reconstructed, which was financed by Gosford Castle Development Limited (it invested more than five million dollars). The author of the project, the architect Thomas Hopper managed to restore the vaulted ceilings and grandiose staircases and even the original color schemes of the castle.

As a result, the building was divided into 23 luxurious residences, six of which are for sale. Each of them occupies 325 square meters and consists of at least three bedrooms and several bathrooms, and in one part of the castle there is a roof garden.

Since the shooting of the “Game of Thrones” began in Northern Ireland in 2010, tourists have increasingly come to the castle as a real tourist attraction. It was here that many of the iconic scenes of the series took place: thus, near the walls of the famous Riverrand, the family estate of the Talli family, in the third season Robb Stark was executed by Ricardo Karstark for treason, and after the “red wedding” at the end of the same season the castle passed to Walder by seizing power Frey and his sons.

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