Caricature of a furious Serena Williams infuriated her fans (PHOTO)

Карикатура с остервеневшей Сереной Уильямс взбесила ее поклонников (ФОТО)

Australian artist mark knight (Mark Knight) published in Twitter a caricature of Serena Williams staged a scandal in the final of the tennis tournament US Open. The cartoonist depicted a sportswoman petulant child who broke a racquet and lost the nipple. Short-term, the picture became viral and was not liked by the fans of the tennis player. They called on the cartoonist to apologize immediately.

Knight portrayed Williams in a state of hysteria. She jumped with indignation, at this time, the judge addressed her 20-year-old rival Naomi Osaka: “Please, just let her win.”

The views of mikroblogerov, comment on a tweet, was divided. Some laughed to see the artwork the knight, while others accused him of racism. To accent the negative attitude towards the athlete, the artist emphasized the blackness of her skin, while a black Japanese girls picture light skin and white hair, considered criticism of the knight.

One of the wearer called the fact the publication of this image return to the era of cartoons of Jim crow, when blacks were perceived as lower class. “Hey, mark, you must submit your latest masterpiece to the Museum of racist monuments to Jim crow in the United States (Jim crow — a black character in the famous song “Jump Jim crow”; segregation laws in the United States was called “Jim crow Laws”). I think it will be perceived on hurrah!” — said Steve Hewlett (Steve Hewlett) from Melbourne.

“Being a white man who grew up playing competitive tennis, I find this image deeply offensive and inciting racial hatred,” says microblogger ResistanceMedia.

Карикатура с остервеневшей Сереной Уильямс взбесила ее поклонников (ФОТО)

Williams lost to Osaka in the final of the U.S. Open. During the match the judge reprimanded her for cues from the coach. After the player has made yet another violation — she broke her racket and then insulted the referee on the tower, trying to convince him that did not hear the prompts. She called the judge a thief and a sexist, after which he was fined two games and lost with the score 2:6, 4:6.

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