Cancellation of elections in ten regions of very profitable banking – analyst

Отмена выборов в десяти областях очень выгодна Банковой - политолог

The fact that 29 November was cancelled elections in the United territorial community, says that the Central electoral Commission has received on the basis of the letter of the law.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

“After all, the law stipulates that during martial law, which is now introduced in Ukraine, it is impossible to hold elections. In fact, here, the CEC could not act differently. Another thing is that, in fact, this situation is advantageous to Bank, because we have elections in the GSS was perceived as a real sociology. The same “Fatherland”, which gained such an election, said “look here, we have the election results in the GSS, where the show is real sociology, because they often lose candidates from the authorities,” – said the expert.

According to him, this situation is extremely important for Bank because in the run-up to the beginning of the campaign it is possible to remove a lot of questions about the low rating of the government.

“Thus, we can say that the power declines another point of confusion, which would be one hundred percent arose because, as you can see, the elections to the GSS had previously won or independents, or representatives of opposition parties”, – concluded A. Yakubina.

As reported, the Central election Commission on 29 November took the decision to cancel the electoral process in the United communities 10 regions of Ukraine, which introduced martial law.

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