By the Day stewardess: the main movie images – from Renata Litvinova to Gwyneth Paltrow

By the Day stewardess: the main movie images - from Renata Litvinova to Gwyneth Paltrow
By the Day stewardess: the main movie images – from Renata Litvinova to Gwyneth Paltrow
On July, 12th all over the world celebrate Day of the flight attendant of civil aircraft. The date of the appearance of this profession is considered to be 1928. This means that in 2018 all those involved in the aviation business can celebrate the anniversary – 90 years. Previously, the function of the steward on board was performed by the co-pilot, which contradicted the safety rules. But flight attendants on board appeared in 1930. The first woman in this position was the American nurse Ellen Church.

In honor of the holiday SPLETNIK.RU decided to collect the most interesting images of stewardesses in Russian and foreign cinema. In the list you can find both the classic roles of Tatiana Doronina and Renata Litvinova, as well as the unexpected appearances of Margot Robbie and Sofia Vergara.

The image of the stewardess in the domestic cinema

“Once again about love” – ​​Tatiana Doronina

The story of the stewardess’s attitude and the scientist-physicist based on Edward Razdzinsky’s play “104 pages about love” became one of the most popular films of 1968. For the main role, director Georgy Natanson immediately approved Tatyana Doronin, with whom they had already worked on the shootings of his previous film “The Elder Sister”. The heroine is a fatal flight attendant, followed by two men at once (Alexander Lazarev and Oleg Efremov), became a symbol of the thaw. As in his time Hitchcock came up with the classic image of a blonde on the verge of failure, and Natanson discovered female sexuality with an unusual side for the Soviet society.

“Sky, airplane, girl” – Renata Litvinova

In the mid-90’s brilliant Kira Muratova opened in a screenwriter and graduate of the VGIK, Renata Litvinova, an actress with an unusual manner in intonation and style. Remake “Once again about love,” which Vera Storozhev removed, brought this image to perfection and made Litvinov the main star of the new Russian cinema. True, the twenty-first century that came into its own right made its changes in the story: the stewardess falls in love with the TV journalist. And the contradictions of the relations between “physicists and lyricists” are replaced by the circumstances of the heroes of modern times. It is interesting that Mikhail Efremov plays the second admirer of the blonde – this role in the original film was performed by his father.

“Hostages” – Nadezhda Mikhalkova and Maria Shalaeva

A contradictory story based on real events. The company of Georgian golden youth seized the Tu-134A airliner in 1983. Their main demand was to fly away from the USSR. The film caused a serious scandal in the society. The director Rezo Gigineishvili showed the hijackers on the positive side and tried to tell the story of the people who were driven into the corner by the totalitarian Soviet regime. As the opposing force in the film, two stewardesses performed by Nadezhda Mikhalkova and Maria Shalaeva act. Fragile girls try to stop the terrorists, but, unlike the attackers, the crew did not have firearms.

“Abiturientka” – Irina Shevchuk

Another real story of hijacking an airplane in the USSR, which ended tragically for the 19-year-old stewardess of Sukhumi airlines Nadezhda Kurchenko. In 1970, Pranas Brazinskas and his son Algirdas Brazinskas attempted to hijack an An-24, threatening the crew and demanding to keep a course on Turkey. The main role in the film was played by Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR Irina Shevchuk.

The main part of the film tells the prehistory of Galina (in the movie, the name of Kurchenko changed) from the moment she just became an entrant, until she met with navigator Victor, with whom they would go together on that fateful flight.

“Crew” – Alexandra Yakovleva

The first Soviet film-catastrophe became a sensation in 1979. Alexander Mitta decided to remove this picture after the success of the adaptation of the “Airport” Arthur Haley. The novel of the windy flight engineer Igor Skvortsov (Leonid Filatov) and the stewardess of Tamara (Alexandra Yakovleva) unfolds swiftly. By the way, in the film there is an incredibly frank at the time the bed scene. After lovers experience a difficult flight, they understand that this is true love, and they are going to register a marriage.

“Mimino” – Elena Proklova

That same Larisa Ivanovna, who won the heart of the protagonist – a pilot nicknamed Mimino. He met her by accident at the Tbilisi airport, where she flew in as a flight attendant with another flight. Then he decides to win the love of the girl and for her sake leaves from his native town of Telavi to Moscow, to again engage in “big” aircraft.

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