Burns in the ear: the Drowsy schoolboy died from a headphone

Ожоги в ухе: Уснувший школьник умер из-за наушников

In Malaysia, the 16-year-old student died due to shock after I connected the headphones to the smartphone is charging.

About it writes Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in the suburbs of Rembau of the state of Negeri Sembilan. According to the mother of the deceased, in the morning she saw her son lying on the floor, and thought that he was asleep. However, when she returned from work, he was in the same position. The woman tried to Wake him up, failing, call the doctor. Doctors discovered he had a burn on my left ear. After the autopsy revealed that the boy died as a result of the shock.

The teenager went to bed wearing headphones, which were connected to the phone charging. The brother of the student said that when he touched the phone, felt a weak shock.

Recall that in Russia, the student shot and killed a classmate for fun. Another teenager kissed his girlfriend and went to jail.

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