Budget-2019: the government takes “real” money from the most vulnerable strata of the Ukrainian society – the economist

Бюджет-2019: правительство забирает «живые» деньги у самых незащищенных слоев украинского общества  - экономист

The draft budget for the year 2019, in essence, is the development budget of the power unit at the expense of the poorest layers of population of Ukraine.

Such opinion during the press-conference in information Agency “ГолосUA” said the economist Viktor Skarshevsky.

The government has described the draft budget 2019 budget development, but in fairness, we should call it a budget of development of the power unit at the expense of the poorest, said Viktor Skarshevsky.

“The draft budget shows the real priorities of the government, for the year 2019 – this is a significant increase in spending on power structures (for example, the costs of the interior Ministry increased by 25%, SBU – 16%, etc.) and minimal increase in social spending. Social spending next year, the government increased only by 5%, but low inflation is 7.4%. Here is an obvious inconsistency and contradiction”, – said the economist.

V. Skarshevsky added that, based on these indicators, real social spending in Ukraine is decreasing. The understatement of inflation (in fact, the inflation rate will be 10-11% 7-8%) actually will not allow you to index all social norms at 12-13%. In other words, the government takes “real” money from the most vulnerable segments of society. This anti-social budget.

“Subsistence is understated in the draft budget by 2.5 times relative to the actual subsistence level. Now the cost of living is 1800 UAH, up to the end of 2019, it will amount to UAH 2000. Despite the fact that the actual cost of living now is 4500 UAH. In other words, is robbing the citizens of Ukraine”, – concluded the economist.

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