Brother of Chechen dictator Kadyrov killed two people in road accident – news ZIK.UA

The cousin of head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov on December 4 staged a fatal accident that killed two people.

Mercedes, at the wheel which was Turpal-Ali Ibragimov (on the nickname “Quick”), at great speed crashed into the “Lada” on the outskirts of Grozny, according to “the Caucasus.Real”.

Брат чеченського диктатора Кадирова вбив двох людей в ДТП – новини ZIK.UA

In the accident two passengers of “Zhiguli” – mother and daughter – died on the spot. The head of the family rushed to the hospital, his condition is estimated as heavy.

Security Ibragimov confiscated phones from witnesses of road accident to photograph the scene of the events did not hit the Internet. On 5 December representatives of the environment senior officials bypassed a nearby house and was just checking gadgets local residents video evidence of the incident.

Kadyrov is personally involved in, so that the relatives of the dead did not declare his brother a blood feud.

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