Brave mother giraffe protected her baby from hyenas and conquered Network (VIDEO)

Отважная жирафиха защитила своего детеныша от гиен и покорила Сеть (ВИДЕО)

Tourists in South Africa’s Kruger National Park witnessed an attack of hyenas on baby giraffe with a broken leg.

Footage shot by an eyewitness, published Newsflare.

According to the author of the video, hyenas have long gazed at the little giraffe. “I quickly realized that he always looks around for the rest of the hyenas, he writes. — It is well known that they attack the weak and injured animals. For them, this lame baby giraffe was like a loud call, gathering for lunch.”

One of the hyenas is really close, but did not dare to attack, because it was near an adult giraffe. Predators tried again when she moved 50 meters. “Suddenly out of the Bush popped two hyena and rushed to the baby, says the author of the video. He was scared and ran from them on three legs”.

Giraffe-mother saw what was happening and rushed forward. She arrived just in time and scared off predators. Seeing her, the hyenas retreated reluctantly and lay down in the shade nearby.

Kruger national Park lies in the North-East of South Africa. Its territory is inhabited by about 1.5 thousand lions, elephants 12 thousand, 2.5 thousand buffaloes, leopards about a thousand and 5 thousand rhinos.

In February it was reported that the Park took video of crocodile attack on a giraffe. The animal managed to escape, but he immediately lashed out watching the fight lions.

Also, yesterday we reported that a zoo in the UK, there is a cub’s parents are a donkey and a Zebra.

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