Blogger on the output Mureva of “For Life”: the authorities threw all their forces to prevent the nomination of a single candidate from the opposition

Блогер о выходе Мураева из «За Життя»: власть бросила все силы, чтобы не допустить выдвижения единого кандидата от оппозиции

“Thousands of years ago the ancient Romans formulated the principle Cui Prodest -“Who benefits?”, – so blogger Alexei Kurakin commented on the page in Facebook the statement of MP Evgeniy murayev that he leaves the party “For Life” and begins his own political project.

In Ukraine, millions of opposition voters now live in the East and in the South and in the West and centre of the country, the government is well aware, therefore, threw all their forces to prevent a single candidate from the opposition.

That explained the true cause of the release of Evgeniy murayev from the party “For Life” and create their own political power blogger Alexei Kurakin on his page in Facebook.

According to the blogger, Eugene Moore decided not to wait, while the opposition will nominate a single candidate, and he plans to run for the presidential elections in March 2019.

“Thousands of years ago the ancient Romans formulated the principle Cui Prodest -“Who benefits?”, reminds Kurakin.

According to political experts, the government is beneficial to the opposition ran as many candidates to as much as possible to split the opposition electorate.

“POROSHENKO is BENEFICIAL to have gone to the polls not 1 but 5-7-15 opposition candidates that will be on TV “killing” power, and behind the scenes to negotiate with the AP on support in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada”, – says Kurakin.

“The government is BENEFICIAL to the opposition were put forward as possible candidates – they will stretch the voice and will not allow the candidate who are against the Maidan and against the government, go through to the second round. Therefore, the AP (Administration of the President of Ukraine-Ed.) INTERESTED candidates from the opposition “soaked” each other and did not give the candidate which against the power of the Maidan, go to the second round,” emphasizes the blogger.

“And we now know who to thank, if Poroshenko will win presidential elections”, – sums up Kurakin, referring to Evgeniy murayev.

Alluding to Murewa, Kurakin writes that according to insider information, some “principled” politicians in AP have promised – if they manifest themselves in the role of implacable opposition and will help to divide votes of the South-East, will give the budget for the new media project.

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