Between the Queen-maiden and the French Ambassador was on a secret relationship – news ZIK.UA

Між королевою-дівицею та французьким посолом були таємні відносини – новини ZIK.UA

Between Elizabeth I and the French Ambassador there was a secret relationship.

The Queen of England and Ireland Elizabeth I was called the Queen of the maiden, because she is occupying the throne, took a vow of chastity, insisting that she is “married” to his country, – informs the edition of the Daily Telegraph.

The love life of Queen Elizabeth I has long been a subject of heated debate and speculation.

Now Dr. Estelle Park, historian and expert of the Tudor era, announced that they found evidence of the existence of an intimate relationship between the monarch and the French Ambassador.

The French gentleman and an experienced diplomat, Bertrand de Salmiak de La Motte Fenelon was sent to England in November of 1568, where he was supposed to be seven years.

Based on the letters that he wrote to the French court, he quickly liked the Queen, and she granted him access to his private chambers. Since then, as the historian says, he was always near her.

La Mothe Fenelon writes that when Queen Elizabeth was with him, she often had a “very cheerful and happy person, regardless of whether they hunted, dined, and discussed politics together.

This attachment was mutual. La Mothe Fenelon wrote to the French king Carlson IX about the hunting prowess of the Queen, calling her “a DOE with a crossbow.”

The crossbow was seen as a powerful weapon, often used by soldiers and nobles. They’re not usually used by women.

Dr. Parent said, “I think he admired her, and was even in love with her. He loved spending time with her. From the letters it is clear that he liked to converse with her.”

Also, when they are not met, she blamed him that he forgot about her.

Having enjoyed his company during lunch, the Queen had often taken him to their private chambers to consult on political issues. These meetings were kept secret.

In addition to the official diplomatic discussions, they discussed personal matters during the hunt, while whispering in the corridors or in his private chambers.

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