Belgian scientists came to the conclusion that black holes do not exist

Бельгийские ученые пришли к выводу, что черных дыр не существует

Scientists have refuted the existence of black holes. According to some experts, education, perceived holes, are actually space-time tunnels that lead in a certain part of the Universe.

This marks the edition Express.

Last year, experts have seen a gravity wave oscillations, i.e. the ripples in the space formed most likely as a result of collision of several black holes. From this conclusion it becomes not clear, what are black holes: it is the source of the gravitational wave fluctuations, or wormholes.

Scientists have studied black holes by means of the analysis of the space around them. Consequently, no data concerning the existence of tunnels. Perhaps this is just a theory from a number of science fiction. Because of this, experts plan to use gravitational waves to search for black holes.

Experts from the Belgian University believe that the presence of the tunnels will automatically exclude the existence of black holes. To find out, scientists need time. After a certain period, most likely, the situation becomes clearer.

Earlier it was reported that near the Ground there is a huge black hole.

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