Before the election, we should expect a gradual increase in gas prices for the population – expert

До выборов следует ожидать поэтапного повышения цены на газ для населения – эксперт

The increase in gas prices does not depend on what it is – import or domestic, gradual alignment of prices of gas for households and industry prescribed in the methodology, which previously approved the government itself, for a long time did not fulfill his end of the bargain with the IMF.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said the expert on energy Gennady Ryabtsev.

“Calculation of gas prices conducted by the government-approved methodology based on import parity. That is, the price of gas for the population should be determined based on the prices that were formed on the European market”, – said the expert.

G. Ryabtsev reminded that this technique for a long time was not carried out by the Ukrainian government on the basis of political considerations.

“However, since signing the IMF agreement on granting a loan, the Ukrainian government has committed to align gas prices for households and industry, on the basis of their own approved methodology, and did not fulfill this obligation, the government had to find an explanation of this fact to the population”, – said the expert.

Therefore, according to G. Ryabtseva, we hear from Groisman a statement saying that the IMF demands that Ukraine increase gas prices for the population, which previously the government was reluctant to do.

“Using similar rhetoric, the government covered up the fact that it has assumed the obligation received under these obligations, the money from the IMF and refused to comply with them. Thus, the population will receive gas on the basis of this methodology, which determines the price of gas at import parity,” explained the expert.

Although, as he noted, two-thirds of the gas that is now consumed by the population of domestic production and its price calculations even by the companies producing it are lower than the price of gas is determined by the parity of the import.

“But, simultaneously, to align the prices for households and industry will not work until the price of gas for industry is twice higher than the price of gas for the population. Therefore, we should expect a gradual increase in prices for the population. This should happen before the election. Because no one wants to take responsibility major increase because it will hit the ratings of political forces, which on the eve of the elections,” – summed G. Ryabtsev.

We will remind that on October 19 at an emergency meeting of the government Premier-the Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said that from November 1, 2018 in Ukraine gas to population increases of 23.5%.
According Groisman, said in an interview, “TRK Ukraine” on the evening of 21 October, without Ukraine the International monetary Fund to avoid default, and therefore was forced to comply with the condition and to raise the price of gas.
“The price of gas. We had only two options: either a minimum increase, which we have agreed, or default, rampant inflation, the devaluation of all savings. We chose the option which could be offset by subsidies. So that vulnerable people do not feel the increase,” – said Groisman.

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