Beauty digest: from the shampoo for dogs from stylist Kim Kardashian to the tan calculator

Beauty digest: from the shampoo for dogs from stylist Kim Kardashian to the tan calculator
Beauty digest: from the shampoo for dogs from stylist Kim Kardashian to the tan calculator
Britney Spears presented an unexpected beauty novelty, a model from Dubai launched a flash mob in support of acne, and the Estee Lauder brand presented as many as 56 shades of tonal. What else was said in the world of beauty this week – read in our rubric “Beauty Digest”.

The model launched flashmob in support of acne

In an era when you can zamlyut pimple on the nose in two clicks with the application on your smartphone, photos without filters and photoshop – a real rarity. Model from Dubai Louise Norscout launched a flash mob #Freethepimple (“freedom of pimples”), the girl calls not to be shy of the so-called imperfections and not to adjust to any standards of beauty. The finalist of the show “The British Top Model” has already joined the action, who laid out the photo without make-up and confessed that she was ready to talk openly about acne.

For lovers of pimples put out a toy

You may already have heard of Sandra Lee, an American dermatologist, also known as Pimple Popper. Rollers, on which she presses acne to her patients, beat all records on views in Instagram. The other day Sandra announced a release together with the brand Spin Master of the board game Pimple Pete (it can be bought on the Amazon website, starting August 1 at a price of $ 19.99).

Surely you already guessed what you need to do there. However, we are ready to tell you in more detail. The goal of the game is to help Pimple Pete (pimply Pete) get rid of acne. Each player twists an arrow that points to the forehead, left or right cheek or chin. Then the player chooses which pimple he wants to squeeze out. The number of points that you earn depends on the level of difficulty. And now the most disgusting part – if you overdo it, water will begin to spray from Pete’s nose (simulating pus, apparently). Doubtful fun, is not it?

Calculator of sunburn

Who among us did not spend too much time on the beach and did not turn after sunbathing in red cancer … Thanks to the new calculator created by the doctor Malgorzata Koperska, now you will know exactly when to go into the shade. Here’s how the gadget works: enter a few parameters into the application (the intensity of sunlight: from low to extremely high, based on the solar activity in your region, your skin type, the data on the SPF tools that you use, and information about whether you will you rest on the sea or at a ski resort) and it will tell you what the maximum number of hours (or minutes) you can still be in the sun.

You can go from the opposite – indicate how long you want to still sunbathe, and the gadget will tell you what degree of protection you should use.

Go to the record! 56 shades of tonal means Estee Lauder

Recently, beauty brands seem to compete, which one of them will release a wider palette of shades. Estee Lauder in this regard broke up in earnest. The brand has created as many as 56 colors of its legendary tonal basis of the Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation. They can be divided into three sub-basins: cold, neutral and warm.

If you are looking for a remedy that will make the skin flawless and matte, but do not turn a face into a mask, then this product will suit you. If you still need proof, look at the advertising campaign with the ballerina Misti Copeland.

Britney Spears launches a gender neutral flavor

Britney Spears is preparing for his fans something new. The other day the pop princess laid out a short video in Instagram, on which she incendiary dances, dressed in a black latex outfit and boots, thereby announcing the release of a new perfume My Prerogative.

“Prerogative, Aroma for all”, – so the star signed the video. From what notes the novelty will consist, while it is not known. By the way, Britney already has a lot of experience in perfumery: in 2004 she released her first perfume Curious, then the light saw the flavors of Believe, Sunset, Fantasy, Private Show and Radiance.

Thick and silky: hairdresser Kim Kardashian launched a line for the care of dog hair

Hair stylist Kim Kardashian and Ouai hair care brand owner Jane Atkin has released a shampoo for dogs. Pet Shampoo does not contain harmful additives, such as phthalates, sulfates and parabens. But this tool perfectly copes with its main task – removes the unpleasant smell from the wool and skin of pets.

Its creators promise that the beloved dog will smell a floral-musky aroma with jasmine notes of samba, iris and lily. In its composition – apple cider vinegar, which has antibacterial properties and helps to balance the pH level, aloe juice that soothes the skin, and an extract of tamarind seeds moisturizing no worse than hyaluronic acid. The novelty is already on sale on the brand’s website and costs $ 29.

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