Beauty-digest: from the first men’s beauty line Chanel to Natalie Portman in Dior’s ad

Beauty-digest: from the first men's beauty line Chanel to Natalie Portman in Dior's ad
Beauty-digest: from the first men’s beauty line Chanel to Natalie Portman in Dior’s ad
Chanel created a line of cosmetics for men, named after the lover Gabriel Chanel Boya Cape, Adwaa Aboah and Sarah Sampaio became faces of the new flavor of Si, Giorgio Armani, and the network launched a new bodipositive flashmob. What else was said in the world of beauty this week – read in our material.

Natalie Portman in advertising the new collection of lipsticks Dior

Who, if not Natalie Portman, we were expecting to see in the new advertising collection of lipsticks Dior!

Ultra Rouge is not just a new version of the legendary lipstick; this is a completely new formula – when you take the pigment with a brush stroke and then apply it on the lips with amazing ease and incredibly fresh, melting sensation,

– says Peter Philips, creative director of makeup brands. It turned out such a solid emulsion in the stick. There are 26 shades in the line (of which, of course, only 22 will be represented in Russia). Our favorites – black and white (sure, they will be the most desired). Lipsticks are enclosed in a case of lacquered metal, paying tribute to the red color.

The first men’s beauty line Chanel

In Chanel started a new revolution. Since September 1 (so far only in South Korea) will be the debut line of the brand, created specifically for the stronger sex. The collection includes a foundation (in four shades), a matte moisturizing lip balm and four colors of eyebrow pencil. The Boy de Chanel line is named so in honor of the beloved founder of the brand Edward Arthur “Fight” Cape.

Just as Gabriel Chanel borrowed items from the men’s wardrobe, the brand draws inspiration from the female world to create cosmetic products for men. There is nothing absolutely feminine or masculine. By creating Boy de Chanel, his first make-up line for men, Chanel declares that beauty is not a matter of sex, but a matter of style,
– the representatives of the brand say in an official statement. The collection will be available for order online at the end of autumn, and in January 2019 will appear in the boutiques of Chanel.

Collection of candles, inspired by famous witches

Tremble, Harry Potter fans! Brand Bijou on the eve of Halloween prepared for you something interesting. The brand released the Candle Coven set consisting of three wax candles with fragrances inspired by the most popular witches of Hollywood. The first is devoted to the heroine of the series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” the second to the character of the “Harry Potter” Hermione Granger, and the third to Sabrina, the little witch. The packaging of each candle is made of strong black glass, and thanks to a special wax burn it will be three times longer than the counterparts.

Unusual Manicure Blake Lively with MTV Video Music Awards 2018

Blake Lively is one of those Hollywood stars who adore interesting nail-designs. Each of her manicures is so brilliant and unusual that sometimes we pay attention not to her gigantic engagement ring, but to our nails. Realizes the insane ideas of the actress her faithful nail-master El Gershtein. So, at the MTV Video Music Awards, held the other day, Blake appeared with a fashionable now-negative-space-manicure with multi-colored strokes. By the way, repeat this will not be difficult.

A new reading of the fragrance Fresh Couture, Moschino, which caused a flurry of criticism and ecstasy with its bottle in the form of a liquid for washing glasses

“How much will they produce these windshield wipers with different flavors?” – Many are indignant. We answer: judging by the success of each of the versions, it is still very, very long. The new Fresh Couture, Moschino, clings from the first breath. The aroma is bright and saturated. This is a story about a vanilla pear, chocolate sweets, juicy grapefruit, mandarin, peach, mango and floral notes of lily of the valley and orchids. Prepare yourself, from the line of “windshield wipers” this is the heaviest (very very) and lusciously sweet (in a good sense of the word). But durability does not disappoint.

Cate Blanchett, Advoa Aboa and Sarah Sampaio became faces of the new Si flavor, Giorgio Armani

The new Sì Passione from Giorgio Armani is the very embodiment of passion.

Red as a symbol of life force, as the embodiment of passion. Red as a wish of happiness and confidence. Red – the color of love and passion, feelings that make the heart beat faster,

– says Giorgio Armani. At the heart of the fragrance created by Julie Massa is the combination of currant nectar and pear, familiar to fans of Si. The top note is a spicy pink pepper, rose petals, pudrovy heliotrope and jasmine extract are heard in the heart. The face of the fragrance is still the permanent Cate Blanchett. But this year, two more envoys joined her: Advoah Aboah (the most spectacular girl on the front cover of Edward Anninful for British Vogue), and Sarah Sampaio.
Try a new flavor will be available in any corrugated Giorgio Armani Beauty in September.

Size does not matter! Women of all formations in the new body-building campaign #bodyvictories

“Women of all kinds and forms, unite!” – that’s how the slogan of a new flash mob, which can be played cheerfully through the spaces of Instagram, might sound. Girls publish their candid photos with a hashtag #bodyvictories. An unusual campaign was launched by the Curvy Kate underwear brand, which attracts celebrity celebrities, including the plus-size model Haley Hasselhoff, to help women “learn to perceive their bodies in a positive way.”

For most of my life, I did not feel comfortable in my body. I could write a whole book about what I wanted to change in myself. But then, after a few years, everything changed. I took a deep breath and uploaded a photo of the bikini to microblogging. I was shocked by how many people supported me. Then I did it again, and the reaction was just as positive. I found that the more I pushed myself out of the comfort zone, the more positive feedback I received. I began to be proud of my body and to love those parts of it that were shy before: my full legs, soft sides and an impressive chest,

– said the British blogger Becky Bedbug.

Find 10 differences: Primark is accused of plagiarizing the line of Rihanna Fenty Beauty – and not for nothing!

Famous Irish retailer Primark announced the launch of a new line of makeup Pure on its page in Instagram on August 19. For sure, this event would go unnoticed for most users of the network, if not for the fact that the collection painfully resembles the means of Fenty Beauty. The packaging is absolutely identical, judge for yourself. The line included lip glosses, eyeshadow and highlighter, which have already been nicknamed “Fenty for the poor” (each tool costs about three dollars against $ 60 for Rihanna brand products). At the moment the collection is available to residents of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Fenty Beauty

Pure, Primark

Blogger Camila Coelho launches a beauty line with Lancome

When you have 7.3 million followers only for Instagram, an incredible collection of outfits (on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival you show a dress for a million dollars), and you spend your life between the south of France, Colombia, Bermuda and your native Brazil, about what else you can dream? That’s right, about the collaboration with the largest beauty brand Lancome. We are talking about the 30-year-old Camille Coelho, who are launching their collection of satin and matte lipsticks L’Absolu Rouge. In the line of the blogger will be presented ten shades – from nude to red, brown and coral. A limited collection will be available later this month in all Sephora stores and on the Lancome website.

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