Beauty digest: from cosmic make-up to the debut collection of Clarins brushes

Beauty digest: from cosmic make-up to the debut collection of Clarins brushes
Beauty digest: from cosmic make-up to the debut collection of Clarins brushes
Julia Roberts starred in a new advertisement for the fragrance of La Vie Est Belle, Lancom, actor Jamie Dornan and Dutch model Birgit Kos became faces of the compositions Boss The Scent, and Japanese craftsmen came up with a gel for eyebrows with real hairs. What else was said in the world of beauty this week – read in our material.

Unexpected explanation of why Ariel’s mermaid has red hair

Let’s play in the association? If you grew up in the 90’s, then when you think about the mermaid, you probably represent Ariel. And before you comes up the image of a mermaid with red hair. Fans of the cartoon film, filmed by Walt Disney Company in 1989, for a long time interested in the question, why do the Little Mermaid have curls of this particular shade? One of the creators of the cartoon said that Ariel’s hair color was a bone of contention. Originally, she wanted her to be a blonde, but many would then associate her with Daryl Hannah (an actress who appeared in the movie “Splash” in 1984 as a mermaid named Madison). Another argument in favor of red – this color is combined with the green tail of Ariel. So the choice was made.

Shot from the movie “Splash” with Daryl Hannoy

Bomb for the bath for fans of the movie “Jaws”

The network was flooded with videos with bombs for a bath of the brand BubbleManiaCo Etsy, which will turn your bath into a place where there was a bloody attack of sharks. As it dissolves in water, it stains water in red, white and blue. The bomb costs about ten dollars and sweetly smells of chewing gum. I bet that you can not resist and make a “boomerang”?

Men’s overhead hair tufts for hipsters

No, she loves not only Kate Middleton. In this season, online stores began to be full of ads about selling chignons for those men who do not have the patience to grow their own hair. While you can find the hairpieces of the three most common shades – black, light and brown (red, excuse).

According to the manufacturer, Clip-On Man Bun is designed for those who “wear hats, but never walked with hairpins on their hair.”

Julia Roberts introduced the fragrance La vie est belle, Lancome

Lancome presented a new film-statement, dedicated to the fragrance La vie est belle. Julia Roberst was shot three times in this commercial: in 2012 she showed us how to become happy, breaking out of the rules and stereotypes. In 2016, the actress paved the way for us to happiness. Today in the new film by Bruno Aveiana La vie est belle, Julia Roberts encourages us to share our happiness and multiply its strength. In the video, we see an actress on the Trocadero esplanade, she bravely takes off her shoes and steps into the fountain. With one simple gesture or her trademark smile, Julia fills the space around her with happiness.
New faces of Boss The Scent fragrances

Handsome from “50 shades of gray” again tried on the image of the “big boss”. Jamie Dornan starred in the advertising campaign fragrance Boss The Scent. “For me, Boss personifies sophistication, masculinity and impeccable taste, so I’m very happy to join the brand team, becoming a new face,” says Jamie. His partner was the Birgit Kos model, which will advertise the female version of the fragrance. She is also happy with the cooperation: “I am happy to represent the image of the woman Boss! It was wonderful to work with Jamie, and I can not imagine anyone better for this work.”

Male fragrance is woven from leather notes, ginger, bright lavender and wood, and female – first wraps with creamy sweet peach, then opens with white freesia, osmanthus and cocoa.

Clarins released the debut collection of makeup brushes

The brand Clarins released its first collection of makeup brushes – previously the brand had only a single launch in this category. The collection includes six synthetic pile brushes (two small ones for applying shadows and their shading, and four larger ones: for powder, blush, foundation and one multifunctional for the face). The cost of new products varies from 1,850 rubles per brush for applying and shading eye shadow to 2,950 rubles per brush for powder. All of them are already available on the official website of the brand.

Rihanna helped the make-up artist find her lost luggage

Lost luggage is the worst nightmare of a make-up artist. In their cases are time-tested products and tools that are simply vital for them. So, imagine the horror Frithy Beauty experienced when it became clear that her baggage mysteriously disappeared after her flight by air company KLM. A girl working with Kelly Rowland, Paris Hilton and other stars, sent a request for a baggage search, but was ignored. Rihanna came to the rescue. The singer saw the post of Frity in social networks and decided to write to the airline herself: “I’m sorry @KLM, but my make-up artist @priscillaono traveled your airline and still did not get information about where her baggage is. tomorrow we will have a grandiose shooting, I will be grateful for help! ” Of course, as soon as Rihanna took it into her own hands, representatives of KLM responded with lightning speed, and the make-up artist was returned her lost baggage on the same day. Rihanna is now not only a singer, designer, actress, but also a queen for customer service.

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