Attack will increase: a Russian journalist has uncovered Putin’s plan for revenge Ukraine – news ZIK.UA

Russian media again started to threaten Ukraine new military escalation. This is due to the international isolation of Russia in the G-20 summit, which journalists try to hide from ordinary citizens.

As this isolation continues, respectively, “attack” of Ukraine’s Kremlin-controlled media will only increase, wrote in a blog on OBOZREVATEL Russian journalist Igor Yakovenko.

“The G-20 summit, Vladimir Putin was as a bride that no marriage takes. He stood alone, tried to talk to trump, but watched his back. We have managed to communicate only with the Saudi Prince, who is suspected of murdering a Saudi journalist. All the others shied away from him, but Theresa may said that Russia’s problems will be discussed where there will be Putin. That such isolation is now relative to Russia. And as it growth – will increase the degree of aggression against Ukraine”, – he wrote.

According to him, that is why recently, the Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov threatened Ukraine continuation of the war.

Атака посилиться: російський журналіст розкрив план Путіна щодо помсти Україні – новини ZIK.UA

“The worse things are going in Russia in relation to Ukraine – the degree of aggression above. Here get absolutely hysterical statements Solovyov, that the Ukrainians will have peace when the war tired Russia. Bully, too, when he realizes that really can not do anything, just starting to threaten. And Putin’s Russia. Ukraine can not attack to capture her, too exhausted, therefore, compensates for their desires threatening aggression,” – said Yakovenko.

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