At the G20 summit trump disgraced by signing a trade agreement (VIDEO)

На саммите G20 Трамп опозорился, подписывая торговое соглашение (ВИДЕО)

At the G20 summit the US President Donald trump to embarrass at the time of signing the new trade agreement between Canada, USA and Mexico.

This is reported by “Ukrainian news”.

30 November in Argentina at the G20 summit the US President Donald trump, the head of Mexico, Enrique peña Nieto, and the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau signed the new trade agreement between the countries. Representatives of States have to sign in each of the three instances. For the importance of historical moment behind them watched the other policies.

Writes Medialeaks, Donald trump surprised nearby politicians that began to sign an important document, a huge black marker instead of pens used by his colleagues. And then, in one of the copies signed his name in the wrong place and even asked the canadian Prime Minister, which instances are the most important. Trudeau said that all copies of the main.

Judging by the reaction of the politicians, they could hardly contain the smiles and struggles kept sedate appearance. But it turned out not so. It was especially difficult to cope with colleagues standing in the back of the heads of state.

The head of Mexico several times compared your signature and the signature of the Donald trump. Yes, it is huge!

Special showed restraint the Prime Minister of Canada — a few seconds until the reporters clicked cameras, Mr. Trudeau had to look at one spot and not to smile. Almost not to smile.

But other politicians watched with a strange mixture of expressions on her face. As if that all stages of adoption is inevitable.

After the summit a few days passed, and the video with the signing of the agreement reached Reddit. There reacted to the events of approximately the same as the policy behind the leaders on video.

Users of the social network did a little research and found out that the US President signs documents special huge handle, which at his request was released by the company Sharpie below his signature was conspicuous and looked solid.

But canadian politics have been praised for the delicacy — he did not show to the camera a copy of the contract where trump made a mistake.

Also, earlier it was reported that the airline Air New Zealand has released a Christmas ad campaign, in which the sly made fun of trump.

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