At the age of 39, the wife of the Korn vocalist

At the age of 39, the wife of the Korn vocalist
At the age of 39, the wife of the Korn vocalist
Deven Davis, wife of the front of the American metal band Korn, Jonathan Davis, died at the age of 39. She died on the day when the vocalist received a court order that protected him from his wife on account of domestic violence.

The statement of the family, however, says that Jonathan Davis “is crushed from loss.” The cause of death is unknown.
As reported by TMZ, 39-year-old Diven had problems with the use of psychoactive substances throughout her life, and she was rehabilitated six times. She was the star of the porn industry, after a marriage with Davis, gave birth to two children. The vocalist asked the court for a ban for her, as she “was constantly under the influence of cocaine, mink and other substances.”

Also Divene, according to Davis, in a state of high, brought home dubious people, including strangers. “Some of these people are casual fans of my music, it allows them to enter the house, climb into the closet and try on my clothes,” Davis said.

The 47-year-old musician filed for divorce in 2016, but so far the documents have not been issued. Last week, Diven disappeared from the rehabilitation center, so Davis asked the court to order a ban on rapprochement for her.

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