At auction in the UK sold the death mask of Stalin (PHOTO)

На аукционе в Великобритании продали посмертную маску Сталина (ФОТО)

In the UK at auction at The Canterbury Auction Galleries was sold posthumous bronze mask of the face and hands of Joseph Stalin. The lot was sold for 17.3 thousand dollars.

About it writes The Daily Express.

The name of the new owner of the bronze face with the Soviet leader to disclose did not. The former owner of the mask was the Briton who allegedly found her in the attic of his grandfather.

Auctioneer Dan ponder admitted that he experienced a certain shock, when it came to the previous owner of the mask and asked me to put it up for sale.

To evaluate the lot was difficult, but the example was another mask that was sold in the English County of Shropshire for the sum about 6 thousand dollars.

For shareholders came as a surprise the fact that this mask was sold for a much greater amount.

Previously, we reported that members of the Council on human rights under the President of the Russian Federation Nikolay Svanidze and Maxim Shevchenko came to blows in a live program the Radio due to differences in the assessment of Stalin’s role in world war II.

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