Arrival is planned for 2025: launched spacecraft to mercury (VIDEO)

Прибытие запланировано на 2025 год: запущен аппарат к Меркурию (ВИДЕО)

The rocket “Arian-5″ launched machines European-Japanese mission”, Bepicolombo” designed to study mercury.

Stream launch was held on the website of the European space Agency.

According to information in the mission consists of two research probe that will study the planet in different orbits, and migrating the module for delivery. Arrival into the working orbit is scheduled for December 2025, after which the spacecraft will start its scientific program, based on the year.

While mercury was visited by only two spacecraft “Mariner-10” in the mid 1970-ies, which made only three flights, the planet, and “the Messenger”, which after a few stairs in 2011, came on the orbit of mercury and studied it for four years. Because of this, scientists were able to collect so much data about mercury, how about some other planets, for example Mars. Mission “Bepicolombo”, developed by the specialists of the European space Agency (ESA) and Japanese aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA), aims to fill part of the missing data on mercury.

The “Bepicolombo” includes three devices — migrating the module MTM (Mercury Transfer Module) and an orbital module, MPO (Mercury Planetary Orbiter), created by European engineers, and another orbital module MMO (Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter) developed by specialists from Japan. Migratory module with four ion engines is responsible for the flight to mercury, and two of the remaining probe after the arrival of the Department, and will be released on two different polar orbit, will carry out scientific research. Tasks in vehicles is also different — the MPO will study the surface of the planet, and the MMO will focus on the study of its magnetic field and magnetosphere. On Board both probes installed on the Russian scientific tools. Before launch we asked the head of the Department of nuclear safety and planetology space research Institute of RAS Igor Mitrofanov to tell you about them and about what they hope to find the scientists.

The rocket “Arian-5” satellites launched from Kourou in French Guiana on October 20 at 4:45 Moscow time. Like many other spacecraft, “Bepicolombo” fly to your goal. Because of the large gravity of the Sun have a lot of energy for a stable orbit around mercury, he will make nine gravitational maneuvers — one Earth, two Venus and six the mercury. By the way, the name “Bepicolombo” the mission in honour of Giuseppe Colombo (Colombo Giuseppe), which was developed and calculated gravity maneuvers for the probe “Mariner 10”.

In October 2025, with scheduled office migrating module, and in December of that year, the spacecraft should reach a stable orbit around mercury and detach. The scientific program will start in March 2026, and nominally runs until may 2027. If the unit remains in working condition and on specified orbits, the mission envisages the extension of the scientific program for another year.

In may was launched the InSight mission to another planet earth band — Mars. It consists of a lander that will investigate the interior structure of the planet with the help of several tools, including a drill that will create a five-meter hole in the surface of Mars. About how to operate scientific instruments InSight and other details of the mission can be read in our article “a Look inside the red planet”.

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