Archaeologists have found the oldest logo “Made in China” – news ZIK.UA

The inscription “made in China” found on the vessel, which dated back to the year 1162 ad.

The pitcher was discovered in the 1980-ies in the Java sea between the Islands of Sumatra and Java. He lay among the wreckage of the ship that sank 800 years ago. The basis of the vehicle eventually collapsed, but the cargo remained intact, reports The Mirror.

Археологи знайшли найдавніший логотип «Зроблено в Китаї» – новини ZIK.UA

On the dishes indicated the place of manufacture, the old name of the Chinese region, which changed the name after the invasion of the Mongols in 1278.

Scientists have suggested that the ship sank in the middle of the XII century. This period was the flourishing trade in China. Sea routes exceeded the demand of the Great silk road.

In addition to pottery the ship carried ivory and resin, which were used for the treatment of ships ‘ hulls.

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