Anna Sedokova showed open neckline and talked, what she’s missing (PHOTO)

Анна Седокова показала откровенное декольте и рассказала, чего ей не хватает (ФОТО)

Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova published online in the open neckline, and the description said that it sorely lacks a cosy home evening, when at the table the whole family is going.

There is a photo in Instagram of the singer.

“Yesterday was such an intimate evening. And I even felt a little sorry that we have no such tradition. Evening, when the table is going to all the big family and friends, eat delicious homemade food and thank. Each other,” writes the star.

She also added that it is important to get a text like “I’m so bored.”

Анна Седокова показала откровенное декольте и рассказала, чего ей не хватает (ФОТО)

“Yesterday, our little children, when they heard a turn, thanked for the family. And I thought now why can’t we here, too, to arrange our little day of gratitude? After all, all the books on motivation are inclined to believe that to be able to say thank you and be happy already today, to realize it is a huge step to success.

Try? I am grateful for my family and for the fact that it’s so unusual, but we’re all on the same page. Grateful that the last time she would connect me with so many amazing and extraordinary people who have become my family. I am grateful for a job that gives me the opportunity every moment to go forward. Grateful that you read this post till the end and that touch give me your little hearts likes. Grateful that my grandmother in Tomsk healthy. For what I write now this post and hugs me a little hand sleeping Mo. Grateful that waking up in the morning, I have nobody to wait for the message “I missed you so much”… I am grateful. And for that I thank you?”.

Previously, we reported that Sedokova has caused a storm of criticism in the social network by posting vulgar photo with his young son. So Anna took a picture with Hector on the beach, where she lies with the child while showing off his Topless “fifth point”.

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