Andriy Shevchenko: There are certain practices to the game against the Czech Republic – news ZIK.UA

Андрій Шевченко: Є певні напрацювання на гру проти Чехії – новини ZIK.UA

Head coach of Ukrainian football Andriy Shevchenko answered questions from the media at a press conference before a training session of the RSC “Metalist” in Kharkov.

– I want to appeal to the fans – started the conversation, Andriy Shevchenko, – we need support in the game with the Czech Republic. I hope that the stadium will be full. Count on twelfth player. We are very pleased to be here in Kharkov. The Ukrainian team have not played in this city. I hope with your support we can show good football.

– Did you have a conversation with the Spot and what had happened in the team Lunin?

– Kulach the conversation was, we thanked him for what he joined us. Unfortunately, we dropped a few players, so it was very important to find a player who could create competition, and we found him in the person of the Spot. Vladislav looked very good in last games for Vorskla, got they have international experience. I hope he will help us.

In respect of the Lunin – today he will take part in the youth team match, and tomorrow will return to us. Also going to look for the dynamics of the recovery of our players who have injuries. If need be, we will still debilitate players of “youth”.

– What is the status of Yarmolenko?

– Andrew, today will participate in the warm-up, he has an individual program. If all goes well, tomorrow he will start full training.

Slight damage also from Makarenko. Today, he will also conduct a workout, and tomorrow will be determined against him and the other players who have minor injuries. Tomorrow will be a more serious work, we will prepare directly to the nearest opponent.

– Tell us more about the preparations for the match.

We will have practice today, see where the players decide their number, who will remain to work. Tomorrow half the class, then go to one workout a day. Wait for the game Slovakia – Czech Republic will directly to prepare for our match.

– How did the Czechs play with a new coach?

– Tomorrow’s match, the Czechs will give us all the information. Based on the outcome of the game to our opponents, we will build your training.

– Is a plus for us that the Ukrainian team has extra days to prepare in comparison with the Czech Republic?

Five days to prepare after the match against Italy is considered the best time. And the Italians, and we were comfortable to play 10 th.

– When do you plan to determine the lineup for the game against Czech Republic?

Now we have the time. These five days give us the opportunity to look at the condition of the players. After today and tomorrow’s workout will see, what looks better, someone who has recovered and who is not.

The game with Italy gave you more information about your charges?

We tried to give playing time to those players who played less, some of them took to the field. I’m happy with the result. There were two different halves. The second team played more compact and productive, was a good parting and in the first.

To prepare for the match with Italy had some time, now I hope to work more productively. There is a time to recall the old ties. There are certain practices to the game against the Czech Republic.

– Are you planning more serious opponents in friendly matches like Italy?

– The stronger the opponent, the better for the team but it is not always possible to negotiate. In November we will Have a match against Turkey in the river. This is also a very worthy opponent. In such matches we will try to give a chance to those players who were previously less involved.

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