Andriy Protsenko failed to win a medal Euro 2018 in the high jump – news ZIK.UA

Андрій Проценко не зумів здобути медаль Євро-2018 в стрибках у висоту – новини ZIK.UA

On “Olympiastadion” in Berlin today, the 12th of August, completed the main competition season for athletes of the Old world – championship-2018.

Before the final day in the national team of Ukraine seven awards – two gold, three silver and two bronze. Were associated the medal hopes of the domestic fans and the men’s high jump, the final of which was made by two graduates of the Lvov state University of physical culture is one of the leaders of the world rankings in recent years Andrey Protsenko, who was close to winning a medal at the XXXI summer Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro and the silver medal of the present championship of Ukraine Dmytro Demianiuk (pictured left and right respectively), writes

Dmytro Demianiuk, unfortunately, was the first who left the sector, he disobeyed starting 219 see Here is how Dmitry commented on his failure in the finals: “hot pursuit is hard to pinpoint. Probably due to the fact that neither in qualifying nor in the final did not make a sufficient number of trial jumps. Still worried about the foot, not fully recovered from injury. And if in the qualification I still rosstreas, the final initial height was higher, and only in the third attempt I caught the jump – jumped to stock, but too close pushed. I had to work with the runway.

I have the following formula: or make a large number of trial jumps, and I do not have at high altitudes, or do small, and then you need rasstraivatsya during the competition. The less you do, the better you will feel. You need to think how things work and how to get out of this situation. Although he reached the final, successful performance is not considered. Can not be realized, although the physical condition I have a gorgeous”.

Andriy Protsenko in turn 219 cm took on the first attempt, and then began to have problems: 224 cm overcome at the second attempt, and 228 cm did not obey him at all. In his commentary Andrew was succinct: “I was ready at least 228 cm, I felt it. Made a good attempt, and then something failed. It is very difficult now to say that, because all attempts were different. Sit with a trainer, think, decide in which direction to move on.” Andrei is a final fifth place.

Add that a victory in the high jump at Euro 2018 in Berlin to the delight of local fans of the “Queen” of the sport was won by the German Polish-born Mateusz, Pimilco – jumping in her best attempt at 235 cm, he got for the hosts fifth “gold”.

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