Andrew Lesik about unification of the opposition: Thanks Medvedchuk all the opposition forces have received an open platform

Андрей Лесик об объединении оппозиции: Благодаря Медведчуку все оппозиционные силы получили  открытую платформу

“Victor Medvedchuk has vast experience and vision of political processes in Ukraine. What he knows is unknown to many of us.”

About this broadcast NewsOne said the Deputy of the Kharkov city Council of the VI and VII convocations Andriy Lesyk, commenting on the news that the opposition forces have created a “platform of the Opposition For life.”

“A weighty word, Viktor Vladimirovich in Ukrainian politics is the place to be. And most importantly — he has the experience and vision of how there are those or other processes. What he knows is unknown to many of us. The fact that the process of unification of opposition into a single entity took place – it is at this stage is good and right. Many people who position themselves as opposition, and whose views coincide with the agenda of the party “For life”, received today a platform that is open to them. And the most important thing about this is that this process takes namely Viktor Medvedchuk”, — said Lesyk.

From the fact that the political Council of the party “For life” led by Viktor Medvedchuk, the joint opposition platform will benefit, I’m sure the forest.

“Victor Vladimirovich has repeatedly said that to establish peace in Ukraine needs to negotiate. In 2013, Medvedchuk said that the economic development of the state especially in our hands. Medvedchuk offers concrete actions”, — noted Andrey Lesik.

According to the leader of the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich, Medvedchuk, “which many blamed in the leadership ambitions”, “strongly contributed to the Association and not claiming, in General, any nomination of a candidate”.

Recall, as stated by the Chairman of the political Council of the party “For life” Viktor Medvedchuk, the opposition democratic forces against the criminal and corrupt bunch of corrupt adventurers in power, against war and poverty, human dignity, restricting human rights, freedom and democracy in Ukraine, United in the “platform of the Opposition For life.”

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