Anatomy of the series: the horror of Stephen King in the series “Castle Rock”

Anatomy of the series: the horror of Stephen King in the series "Castle Rock"
Anatomy of the series: the horror of Stephen King in the series “Castle Rock”
American television channel Hulu is primarily known for its screen version of Margaret Atwood’s novel The Story of a Servant. But in the beginning of July the second season ended, leaving spectators in agonizing expectation of continuation. Now the air has a new potential hit the second half of the summer. “Castle Rock” is a ten-part mystical thriller, based on the entire anthology of works by the master of the genre of Stephen King. SPLETNIK.RU in detail tells about the project.

About what

Standard set: a small provincial town, skeletons in the closet of each inhabitant, mysterious disappearances and paranormal phenomena. From time to time we see similar stories based on these details. It would seem, than it is possible to surprise even the most tempted spectator?

Knowingly Stephen King is called the king of horrors: having collected a potpourri from his best works, he received what now appears on the Hulu channel under the general title “Castle Rock”. The series, which will discuss the next month, deserves the attention of all fans of the genre, regardless of age and degree of immersion in the hick-culture. In the end, it’s just an example of an excellent detective for the summer.


A series of mysterious events, like dominoes, falls on an old American town. First, the head of the local prison commits suicide: he sits down in his “Lincoln” and flies off the cliff directly into the river. Then in the abandoned cellar of Shoushenk we find a man imprisoned in a huge iron cage. There is not a silent stranger in any list of prisoners, and for all inquiries of the police he only says three words “Henry Matthew Dever.”

Only then Henry Dever is a completely different person. A lawyer who works with a person sentenced to death is not lucky in all respects. When he was a little boy, Henry went missing. Winter fell on the city, and frosts reached a minus 40 degrees at night. After 12 days Sheriff Alan Pangborn found the boy in the middle of a frozen lake in the forest. Henry returned home, and three days later his foster father was found dead, and the inhabitants of the city unanimously accused this unfortunate son.

After receiving an anonymous call, Dever decides to return to his hometown to figure out the mysterious events that take place in Castle Rock. The authorities of the prison are not at all pleased with the uninvited guest and try to ward off his suspicions from the mysterious prisoner. Henry finds unexpected support in the face of young policeman Dennis Zalevsky, who called him to Shoushenk.


Undoubtedly the star of the series is Bill Scarsgard, who plays that same silent prisoner. The actor from the Swedish dynasty Skarsgardov (you could see his older brother Alexander on the TV series “Big Little Lies” and “Real Blood”) just look at one another so that the audience gets a goose bump. This look brought him world fame last year, when the screen reappeared “It” on the ancient evil spirit, taking the form of the clown Pennyvayza.

The second success of the casting director is Andre Holland, who successfully pulled attention from Clive Owen in the series “The Knickerbocker Hospital.” Here he played the role of Henry Dever, adopted son of the pastor of the local church. After the death of his father, a real stream of negativity fell upon him, he was cursed, and the story of disappearance was perceived as the whim of an already strange child. A great role in this persecution played and the racial identity of Henry. Residents of Castle Rock always resented that the white family adopted a black man.

It was not without referrals to the classics in the cast. So, Sissy Spacek in 1976 struck the audience, playing a major role in the adaptation of the novel “Carrie.” The story of a schoolgirl with extraordinary abilities, which is also subjected to school bulling, like the hero of Henry, became a visiting card of the actress. In the series, Spacek appears as the adoptive mother of Dever, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. For her, the reality and terrible events of the past have merged into a single picture.


In our time it is difficult to find a project of a fantastic film or series, to the creation of which Jay Abrams did not put his hand. In zero he was engaged in the series “Lost”, then began to develop the movie “Star Trek”, and the last few years he is responsible for another cult cosmic odyssey – “Star Wars.”
In February 2017, the channel Hulu announced the beginning of work on the series on the works of Stephen King. It is worth noting that the writer himself participated in writing the script for each of the ten episodes. But Abrams is on the list as the executive producer of only the pilot series, nevertheless his influence is palpable.

Among the directors Michael Appendal was noted, who worked on the “American Horror History” and “Queen of Screams”, who have been collecting good ratings on the Fox channel for several years. He also filmed one of the episodes of “Walking Dead” and even worked with Netflix in the second season of “Daredevil”.


“It,” “The Green Mile,” “Rita Hayworth and Salvation from Shawshank,” “Shining,” “Dolores Claybourn,” “Misery” – this is only an incomplete list of what is referenced in the series. Maine connects all the author’s stories with each other, in the second series for the first time show a splash screen where you can view the state map and even pages from the books of Stephen King. And in each series there are characters from the writer’s works, as well as “Easter eggs” in the names of settlements, prisons and even in newspaper headlines.

Plots, invented by the king of horrors, influenced many generations of readers and spectators. After all, since the 1980s, his works and their screen versions have literally occupied the hick-culture, and the fruitfulness of the writer can only be envied. During his career he wrote more than 50 novels and 200 stories, and sales of his books have long exceeded the mark of 350 million copies.

It’s no wonder that Stephen King has not only numerous fans, but also loyal followers. So, the creator of the “American horror story” Ryan Murphy for seven seasons methodically parses these or other phobias, creating a whole universe with its own timeline. By the way, recently he announced the release of the eighth season, which will finally unite the characters of “House-killer” and “Sabbath”.

Another disciple of King – the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, who two years ago made Netflix one of the most interesting and lucrative movie sites. Initially, they wanted to shoot Reboot “It”, but then were inspired by other stories, collecting them in the TV series “Very strange cases.” Small towns with secrets – an invaluable well for any story.

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